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The BBVA CEO indicated this Wednesday that creating value is the bank’s main priority and guides the way in which BBVA manages its business. At an investors conference organized by Goldman Sachs in Madrid, Onur Genç said that BBVA’s commitment to optimal capital allocation is what distinguishes the bank from its peers in the markets where it operates.

01 Mar 2024

BBVA is to start on Monday, March 4th, a new share buyback program for €781 million, having received the necessary clearance from the European Central Bank. The buyback is part of shareholders’ regular distributions for 2023. In total, BBVA will distribute €4.01 billion (50 percent of the net attributable profit from last year) to its shareholders, including the dividend and this share buyback program.

22 Nov 2023

Onur Genç remarked on the valuable social contribution made by the Spanish banking sector, at a recent forum organized by the Spanish Banking Association (AEB). According to BBVA’s CEO, “the strength and profitability of Spanish banks is good news for the wider economy.” Looking to the future, “the role of banks, if possible, is more important, as further investments will be needed toward the decarbonization and digitization of the economies.”

07 Nov 2023

BBVA's CEO Onur Genç said that "In the future, we expect economic growth in our main markets, despite the context.” He also stressed that BBVA’s digital strategy has proven successful. One example is the bank's model in Italy. "In one or two years we will consider expanding this model to one or two new markets," he said Tuesday, during his participation at the 30th Financial Sector Meeting, hosted by Spanish daily ABC and Deloitte.

28 Jul 2023

BBVA has stood out in the 2023 stress test of the European Banking Authority (EBA).  The exercise is carried out every two years and examines the banks’ capacity to maintain minimum capital levels and own resource requirements under two scenarios: a baseline and an adverse one. In the baseline scenario BBVA would generate 326 basis points, to a maximum fully-loaded CET1 of 15.87 percent as of December 2025. In the adverse scenario, BBVA would see a capital depletion of 295 basis points, to a fully-loaded CET1 of 9.66 percent. This impact is significantly lower than the average of the European banks surveyed (459 bps). BBVA is the third bank with lowest impact among its comparable group¹.

05 Jul 2023

22 Jun 2023

BBVA has given a new boost to its Wealth Management unit within the Private Banking area in Spain to enhance its range of services for individuals with a net worth of over €2 million. With a view to more personalized support for customers, BBVA Private Banking has recruited 28 new bankers (an increase of 38%), bringing the total team to 101 professionals. Of these new entrants, 13 will focus on the Ultra High Net Worth segment (net worth of more than €10 million).

19 Jun 2023

The BBVA Chair gave the opening presentation this Monday at the 40th edition of the APIE Seminar in Santander. Carlos Torres Vila stressed the contribution of the banking sector to Spain’s social and economic progress over the four decades commemorated by the course. He specifically indicated that: “Over the last 40 years, and despite the great economic crisis from a decade ago, credit granted by banks in Spain as part of their main business activity, in other words, channeling deposits toward loans, has added 20 percentage points to GDP per capita,” according to an estimate by BBVA Research. This activity has also had a very positive impact on productivity per hour of work (+31 percent), investment (+27 percent), and private consumption (+11 percent).

18 May 2023

Carlos Torres Vila, Chair of BBVA, during a recent visit to Lima unveiled the Group’s new investment plan for Peru. In an interview with the financial newspaper Gestión, he stated that "'we expect 75 percent growth in our investment, based on a plan of S/2,000 million (about €500 million) over the next four years.

27 Mar 2023

During his presentation at the Wake Up, Spain!, event, BBVA Chair, Carlos Torres Vila, stated that the European banking sector, and more specifically Spanish banks, are facing the current situation of uncertainty from a position of unquestionable financial strength, profitability and a very solid capital and liquidity position. He added that BBVA is facing this moment with confidence, and from a strong position due to the very characteristics of its diversified, profitable business model and its cautious risk management.

02 Dec 2022

30 Nov 2022

27 Jul 2022

BBVA has recently appointed Pierre Goffin the bank's new Country Manager for France. Pierre has more than 25 years' experience in corporate and investment banking and will oversee business in this market. His main objective will be to strengthen relations with large corporations and the leading institutional and investor community in France.

13 Jul 2022

BBVA Global Wealth and the IE Center for Families in Business of IE University conducted a study that analyzed nine “moments of truth” in which business families should reflect and make decisions to reinforce their strategy. Through this report, BBVA will promote the advice that business families receive in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland and Uruguay.

17 Jan 2022


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BBVA Chair Carlos Torres Vila announced in an interview posted to the bank’s corporate website that, “In 2021 and 2022 we expect to distribute more than €7 billion to our shareholders, or nearly 20 percent of the bank’s current market capitalization.” This figure includes the share buyback program and the expected dividends for both years. As for the excess capital held by BBVA, Carlos Torres Vila said that the priority is “profitable growth,” but he did not rule out “additional distributions” to shareholders. The bank’s goal is to be in its target range of 11.5-12 percent in 2024.

05 Jan 2022

16 Dec 2021

Rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has raised BBVA’s rating to A from A-. The outlook is negative, mirroring the negative outlook of Spain's sovereign rating. S&P underscores BBVA’s strength and geographic diversification, the profitability of its retail banking franchise, its cautious risk management and the strength of its capital, among other factors.

29 Nov 2021

At the 12th Financial Meeting organized today by Expansión and KPMG, BBVA’s CEO said that over the past year the bank has made a series of relevant strategic decisions, such as the sale of its U.S. subsidiary, the largest share buyback in Europe and the takeover bid for a 50.15 percent stake in Turkey’s Garanti BBVA. They all show that “we are very committed to shareholders’ profitability,” he added. Onur Genç also underlined the 2024 objectives that BBVA presented at its Investor Day: “Our goals are very ambitious and we are committed to achieving them.”

18 Nov 2021

16 Nov 2021

21 Oct 2021

The BBVA Group is debuting fully digital retail banking in Italy, with a unique value proposition and customer experience. BBVA is entering the Italian market with free digital banking; one of the most secure cards in the world - as there are no printed numbers on the card, and a dynamic CVV - unmatched in Italy; and financing products at competitive prices.

03 Sep 2021

BBVA is back in the Euro Stoxx 50, Eurozone's main index. Just one year after its exit, the bank's recent good performance on the stock market has allowed it to return to the index, a milestone -exit and re-enter the following year- which at least in the last decade had never happened before. Normally, it takes longer for companies that exit the index to recover their position and re-enter.

30 Jul 2021

BBVA has once again stood out in the latest stress test carried out by the European Banking Authority (EBA). In the adverse scenario BBVA’s fully-loaded CET1 capital ratio at the end of the assessment period (2021-2023) would be reduced on  303 basis points (bps), an impact considerably lower than the 50 European banks average analyzed on the stress test (485 bps). BBVA is the bank with the second lowest impact on capital among comparable European peers. In the baseline scenario, BBVA would generate 128 bps of capital, to reach a fully-loaded CET1 capital ratio of 13 percent in 2023.

15 Jul 2021

To measure and understand a banking entity's credit quality, several metrics must be considered as an interrelated whole. One indicator in isolation cannot give a full picture of credit risk. The three most widely used metrics are the NPL ratio, the coverage ratio and the cost of risk. These metrics enable us to analyze the volume of non-performing assets in relation to the size of an entity's loan portfolio, the provisions recognized to cover future default losses and the annual cost of generating this buffer of provisions.

29 Jun 2021

31 May 2021

28 May 2021

ALCO portfolios are one of the main tools available to banks to manage some of the structural risks on balance sheets (liquidity risk and interest rate risk) and, as a secondary objective, to contribute to the stability of earnings generation. They are a portfolio of financial assets, mainly composed of government bonds, which is governed by the bank's Assets and Liabilities Committee (ALCO).

27 May 2021

23 Apr 2021

17 Mar 2021

BBVA's CFO, Jaime Sáenz de Tejada, shared his optimism with international investors regarding the medium-term growth prospects for lending in Spain and Mexico. In Spain, he noted the impact of the EU recovery fund - Next Generation EU- which will expedite the transformation of the production model. The financial sector will be able to amplify its impact through by offering greater financing. As for Mexico, he underscored the positive effect of the new tax stimulus package in the U.S., which will boost remittances and manufacturing activity, along with the new free trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada.