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Press release Updated: 28 May 2019

Kevin McMahon named as BBVA USA Head of Engineering

BBVA USA today announced that it has named Kevin McMahon as its new U.S. Head of Engineering, where he will be responsible for the company's overall information technology strategy.

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A 13-year veteran of the bank in the US, McMahon will report directly to BBVA USA President and CEO Javier Rodríguez Soler and become a member of the bank’s US Management Committee. He will be responsible for the bank’s application systems, telecommunications and systems operations, and manages bank operations, including central operations, loan operations, item processing and trust operations, as well as corporate security and transformation coordination. Rodríguez Soler said McMahon’s position is significant in driving the bank’s digital transformation.

“BBVA’s recently announced unification into a global brand and global digital company brings into stark relief the importance of the Engineering function,” he said. “The work Kevin and his team do and the technology they oversee allow us to continue pushing forward our digital agenda, where we work as one unified team to bring the best products and services to our customers globally.”

BBVA U.S. Head of Engineering Kevin McMahon

In April, BBVA announced that it is unifying its brand and launching a new logo as part of its continued digital evolution. The brand unification is underscored by the development of global products and services that leverage the bank’s one-time development process - a process in which Engineering plays a key role.

“Engineering is the engine behind product and service development,” said BBVA Global Head of Engineering & Organization Ricardo Forcano. “That Kevin has led Engineering teams for 13 years at BBVA USA, and was part of the leadership team behind the award-winning core banking conversion, means he knows the department and the technology inside and out. His long history with the bank in the US will be key to ensuring that BBVA USA plays an instrumental role in delivering the products and services our customers want and need.”

McMahon was previously the Head of Business Software Engineering, where he led the bank’s core banking and channel development activities. He was also the Manager of Channel Application, with responsibilities that included project management of capital projects and software development of Online Banking, Mobile, Wallet, ATMs, Contact Center systems, CRM, Online Account Origination, Teller and various other channel specific applications.

McMahon has worked in Information Technology functions for a total of 25 years.

McMahon has held several other positions with BBVA USA including Director of Enterprise Architecture and Design and Development Manager for multiple applications. As previously referenced, he was part of the leadership team that implemented the industry-leading real-time core banking conversion in 2013. Before joining the BBVA Group, he worked for Frost Bank a regional Texas bank and was an officer in the US Air Force. McMahon has worked in Information Technology functions for a total of 25 years.

McMahon replaces Jorge Ortiz, who leaves the company to pursue other professional opportunities.

“In the time I spent at BBVA, I’ve had many opportunities to learn and grow in countries around the world,” Ortiz said. “I leave the company for new professional challenges, but wish BBVA nothing but the best.”

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