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Edufin Summit 2017

Edufin Summit 2017

For the fourth consecutive year, BBVA scored best in the banking category in the Europe region and second globally -score that was shared with other banks- in the latest Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)¹, the world's leading sustainability index. The annual breakdown of the DJSI was released on December 8, 2023. A total of 27 banks from around the world won a place in this year’s DJSI.

BBVA Switzerland has signed an agreement to collaborate with the blockchain company Metaco to host its digital asset custody service, a trailblazer in Europe, on the  Harmonize™ platform. With this agreement, the bank is embarking on a new stage in its crypto strategy, characterized by the highest standards in security and greater agility in transactions. In addition, it opens the door to BBVA expanding its range of services in the future in order to meet the needs of its institutional clients.

BBVA is the Spanish company with the largest number of employees with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) accreditation granted by the CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals. More than 170 of the Group's employees in Europe, Mexico and other geographies hold this U.S. based accreditation. In addition, more than 50 BBVA professionals hold the Certificate in ESG Investing accreditation, also from the CFA Institute, which focuses on sustainable investment.

The British magazine, part of the Financial Times group, also recognized BBVA as the Best Bank in Mexico, one of its biggest markets, as well as the franchise in Peru. For The Banker, BBVA is a “leading bank in Latin America, standing out from its peers in various markets in the region.”

Producing hydrogen from renewable energy is a key challenge on the path to decarbonization and asset managers such as Hy24 are confident that this technology will reach maturity within the decade. BBVA has invested ten million in one of Hy24’s funds, which uses its capital to finance large-scale clean hydrogen infrastructure projects. Notably, it is the world’s largest clean hydrogen fund.

BBVA clinched the title of the best digital bank for businesses in Spain in 2023, according to Global Finance magazine, a US publication specializing in financial markets and investment banking. This recognition was part of the '2023 Best Digital Bank Awards,' where BBVA not only claimed the top spot for digital banking but also received accolades for having the premier mobile banking app for businesses in Spain and Western Europe.

LGBT+ diversity is already the third-highest priority in corporate projects, behind only gender equality and inclusion of people with disabilities. Half of major Spanish companies have LGBT+ diversity programs. This figure drops to 34% in the case of IBEX 35-listed companies. These are some of the findings of the first major survey that looks at business management of LGBT+ diversity in Spain, promoted by BBVA, REDI and UN Global Compact Spain.

BBVA successfully completed the share buyback program launched on October 2, which reached €1 billion. Under the program, the bank repurchased a total of 127,532,625 shares at an average price of €7.84. The buyback has the consideration of extraordinary shareholder distribution, which means that it is in addition to BBVA's shareholder distribution policy of between 40 and 50 percent of the bank's earnings.

The energy transition affects all industrial and distribution processes. However, the sustainability-related challenges faced by companies also translate into business opportunities and competitive gains, according to Luisa Gómez Bravo, Global Head of Finance at the BBVA Group. "BBVA wants to help companies that are moving steadily towards energy transition in their business models," she said during her speech at the Spain Capital Markets hosted by Bloomberg on November 23. "Sustainability has become a regular part of our dialogue with our clients.”

ONE is the new software development culture at BBVA. Thanks to this initiative, over 15,000 developers will work in a more coordinated, collaborative manner, sharing best practices at the bank and in the industry with the goal of creating solutions that best meet customers’ needs.

The bank received the prestigious certification thanks to its employee management strategy and policies. The Top Employer seal is a sign of the organizations’ commitment to bring about better work environments through excellence in their workforce practices and policies.

Onur Genç remarked on the valuable social contribution made by the Spanish banking sector, at a recent forum organized by the Spanish Banking Association (AEB). According to BBVA’s CEO, “the strength and profitability of Spanish banks is good news for the wider economy.” Looking to the future, “the role of banks, if possible, is more important, as further investments will be needed toward the decarbonization and digitization of the economies.”

BBVA has earned The Banker 2023 awards for Best Private Bank in Peru and Best Private Bank for Customer Service in Latin America, while also earning the ‘Highly Commended’ special mention in the Best Private Banking in Latin America and Mexico categories. The magazine held a very positive view of the customer relationship model of BBVA’s private banking business, which is especially important amid the current market uncertainty.

Garanti BBVA has signed a further agreement with Beyçelik Elawan Renewables Renewable Energy Production Inc. to finance a series of upgrades to the Yahyali Wind Power Plant, bringing the Turkish bank’s total investment to USD 145 million.

At the fourth annual Diversity Days, the bank launched a pledge to champion and support the universal values of human dignity, freedom, respect and equality. This new milestone marks the end of a year that has seen numerous initiatives in favor of diversity, including the target of 35% of management positions being held by women, implementing a protocol to fight harassment against LGTBI people, and launching a program to prevent ageism.

BBVA CEO Onur Genç delivered the closing address at a business event held on Monday by the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and the Turkish Embassy in Spain to commemorate the centenary of the Republic of Türkiye. During his speech, Genç underscored the growth potential of Spain and Türkiye, two key partners that stand to benefit from their bilateral cooperation.

In 2022, more than $3.8 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen. Traditional banks are therefore regaining ground to become service providers as custodians of crypto assets. This was the position advocated during the event hosted by El Confidencial by Alfonso Gómez, CEO of BBVA Switzerland. For more than two years now, BBVA Switzerland has enabled its customers to manage bitcoin, ether, and the rest of their investments from the online banking app.

Image: Alfonso Gómez, CEO of BBVA Switzerland, with Javier Molina, from El Confidencial, during a moment of his talk. /El Confidencial

BBVA was selected as one of the bookrunners for Colombia's first issue of social bonds in the international market. The debt was rated Baa2/BB+/BB+ for its inaugural offering and was denominated in US dollars with a dual-tranche format maturing in 2035 and 2053. It is an integral part of the Colombian government’s sustainable strategy, and is the first time the country has issued social bonds and only its second issue under ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) criteria, following the placement of Green Treasury Notes in 2021, in which BBVA also acted as lead bookrunner.

BBVA's CEO Onur Genç said that "In the future, we expect economic growth in our main markets, despite the context.” He also stressed that BBVA’s digital strategy has proven successful. One example is the bank's model in Italy. "In one or two years we will consider expanding this model to one or two new markets," he said Tuesday, during his participation at the 30th Financial Sector Meeting, hosted by Spanish daily ABC and Deloitte.

On Tuesday, BBVA placed $750 million in the first issue of Tier 2 subordinated debt that it has registered with the US SEC. The price has been set at the US Treasury rate plus 330 basis points, 5 basis points below the starting price. Demand has exceeded supply by 2.5 times. This marks BBVA’s second issue in dollars so far this year, following the placement of an AT1 issue in the same currency in September.

Atom Bank, the UK’s first app based bank, has again received support from its long-term shareholders. BBVA, Toscafund and Infinity Investment Partners are participating in a new capital round of £100 million, about €115 million¹, to continue its growth in mortgages and loans to SMEs. Following this round, BBVA remains Atom’s leading shareholder.

During the earnings presentation for the third quarter, BBVA’s CEO, Onur Genç, explained that these results allow the bank to make a balanced contribution to social well-being by responding to the needs of all stakeholders: employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers and society as a whole. Looking ahead to 2024, he expects the bank’s results to exceed this year’s and therefore its contribution to society will be even greater.

During the earnings presentation for the third quarter, BBVA’s CEO, Onur Genç, explained that these results allow the bank to make a balanced contribution to social well-being by responding to the needs of all stakeholders: employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers and society as a whole. Looking ahead to 2024, he expects the bank’s results to exceed this year’s and therefore its contribution to society will be even greater.