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27 Mar 2024

BBVA Global Wealth Advisors, Inc. (BBVA GWA), the U.S. subsidiary and registered investment advisor (RIA) of Madrid-based BBVA, has selected BNY Mellon's Pershing as its clearing and custody provider. BBVA GWA’s advisory clients will access broker-dealer services from Pershing Advisor Solutions (PAS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BNY Mellon. PAS is an SEC-registered broker-dealer, member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA), and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

13 Jul 2022

BBVA Global Wealth and the IE Center for Families in Business of IE University conducted a study that analyzed nine “moments of truth” in which business families should reflect and make decisions to reinforce their strategy. Through this report, BBVA will promote the advice that business families receive in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland and Uruguay.

18 May 2022

09 Mar 2020

BBVA Global Wealth (GW), the BBVA Group private global banking unit has entered into an agreement with art advisory firm We Collect to expand its art advisory services to customers in Spain and Switzerland. One of BBVA GW’s goals is to promote non-financial art-related issues, incorporating new opportunities for customers throughout 2020.

08 Aug 2019

19 Jun 2019

15 May 2019

13 Nov 2018

02 Oct 2018

Switzerland is the global center of private banking and a country many investors go to in search of diversification. But private banking is much more than that. It involves constant striving to understand the complexity of the financial markets in order to offer customers the best advice possible.

22 Feb 2018

Unique Experiences is a special program of BBVA in Switzerland, by which clients can access a wide range of experiences and services carefully selected to help them enjoy life and their patrimony. The program encompasses a range of areas such as lifestyle, health, education, innovation, culture and entertainment. It also seeks to bring clients closer to Switzerland, a country whose living standards have put it in the top positions in the rankings of quality of life around the world.

28 Dec 2017

20 Dec 2017

12 Jul 2017

13 Jun 2017

30 May 2017

BBVA Global Executive Chairman Francisco González was very positive about the future of Mexico during his visit to the country for the annual meeting of BBVA Bancomer’s regional Board members. “The resilience of the Mexican economy to the recent challenges it has faced is admirable,” he affirmed. “In terms of the rest of Latin America, I’m also optimistic. Populist movements are losing steam and economic and political rationality is moving ahead.”

20 Apr 2017

17 Mar 2017

08 Apr 2016

25 Nov 2014

Like all beginnings of decades, the symbolic date of 2020 raises all sorts of expectations and questions in these previous years about transformations to various activities, and financial services are no exception. From the technological innovations foretold at the Fintech Conference to the challenges set by the PwC study Retail Banking 2020: Evolution or Revolution?, all experts seem to agree on one thing: there will be profound changes in the sector over the next six years.