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Commitment 21 Mar 2023

‘Aprendemos juntos 2030’ ('Let's learn together 2030’) challenges schools to promote sustainability and self-care

BBVA presents 'Reinicia tu mundo’ (‘Reboot your world’), a new initiative within our 'Aprendemos Juntos 2030' educational project with a focus on sustainability as the key to the 21st century and on schools as a driver to convey the importance of caring for the planet through responsible consumption, respecting others and adopting healthy habits. Our challenge provides teachers and families with free resources to help primary school children be the drivers of change for a better world.

The naturalist and explorer Nacho Dean, the biodiversity expert Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente (daughter of the naturalist and broadcaster Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente) and the internationally renowned chef Joan Roca will take part in this learning initiative that BBVA is launching globally. "With the aim of enabling children to learn, internalize and implement actions in favor of the wider community and the planet, BBVA's 'Aprendemos juntos 2030' offers teachers and families a challenge based on universal and free teaching and learning methodologies with sustainability at the core," explains Carlos Pérez Beruete, Global discipline Head of Digital Sales and Marketing at BBVA.

Education experts have created and adapted innovative learning experiences to make them available to everyone through ‘Reinicia tu mundo’. Teachers and parents can easily access practical and simple content in formats such as infographics, videos and guides that they can adapt to their environments and needs by registering here. The challenge comprises three modules that can be used independently. ‘Hábitos de vida saludable’ (‘Habits of healthy living’) seeks to help children plant the seeds of self-care from a perspective that includes food, rest and hygiene. ‘Consumo responsable’ ('Responsible consumption’) aims to help children understand how plastics impact the environment so that they can make a mindful commitment. While ‘Diversidad y Convivencia’ ('Diversity and coexistence’) helps children understand the benefits of diversity.

Three educational modules, three stages of learning

Each of the modules of this new challenge is structured into three stages: ‘Feel’, ‘Think’ and ‘Do.’

The 'Feel' stage brings children closer to reality. To do this, it is key to get out of the classroom, guided by four leading figures who share different experiences:

From the Roca brothers' vegetable garden, pediatrician Lucía Galán and chef Joan Roca teach children the importance of following healthy lifestyle habits. The adventurer and broadcaster Nacho Dean–who leads the ‘La España azul’ expedition to study the impact of plastic and marine debris–takes a group of schoolchildren on board the research vessel to observe plastics through a microscope and understand the harm that humans are causing to the seabed. Biologist and science communicator Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente takes a field trip with a group of children to bring them closer to nature and its diversity.

The 'Think' phase, through the philosophy and guidance of education specialists Viviana Figueroa and Angélica Sátiro, encourages children to play while they think and think while they play.

And in the last phase, 'Do,' 23 children who participated from a real classroom under the guidance of psychologist Mariana Solari Macabelli apply the methods of Solidarity Service Learning (Spanish ‘APS’) for cooperative learning and work by areas.

Other ‘Aprendemos juntos 2030’ challenges

‘Reinicia tu mundo’ ('Reboot Your World’) is the fourth ‘Aprendemos juntos 2030’ challenge to be launched globally. This methodology is in addition to the three challenges already launched in Spain, which are now also available in other countries where BBVA has a presence.

With the ‘Mucho más que hablar’ ('Much more than talking’) method, students acquire public speaking skills. ‘Hechos de emociones’ ('Facts about emotions’) helps schoolchildren learn about emotional intelligence. ‘Resolución de conflictos’ ('Conflict resolution’) provides techniques that teach educators and parents how to manage conflicts among young people.

20% of schools in Spain have teachers registered on the learning platform. Since BBVA launched ‘Aprendemos juntos’ in 2018, its weekly inspirational videos have clocked more than 2.5 billion views and drawn a community of more than 7.3 million followers.