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Affordable and clean energy Act. 13 Aug 2020

Garanti BBVA and CW Enerji join forces to promote solar power installations


CW Enerji, Europe's largest solar power system manufacturer, has signed an agreement with Garanti BBVA Leasing, one of the industry's leading leasing companies. As part of the framework agreement, tailored financial support will be offered to clients for the installation of solar-powered electric energy stations.

Tarik Sarvan, CW Enerji Chairman, expressed great satisfaction at having reached an agreement with a leader in the field like Garanti BBVA. Commenting on the company’s intention to offer financing to investors who are interested in installing solar energy systems, Sarvan said “We are the biggest manufacturer of solar energy systems in Europe and are proud to be able to make investments in the name of our country. Solar energy will reflect our country's strategic importance to the world. We want to galvanize this field, helping to make our country a great power.”

Sarvan continued to discuss the merits of the agreement, stating that “we will now be able to offer appropriate financial solutions for solar energy. We will be able to assist with fast and easy lending to those businesses that want to work with us to generate solar electric power. In this way, we can help solve financing issues.”

The CW Enerji chairman emphasized the company’s efforts to provide financial solutions and to this end, he expressed his pleasure at being able to collaborate with Garanti BBVA, “to work with one of the industry’s leading companies like Garanti BBVA Leasing is a point of pride. With this agreement we will be able to add value to both the sector and to the country's economy, while at the same time encouraging the efficient use of sustainable, natural energy sources. We are proud to do our part to leave a greener world for generations to come.” As an example of the two companies’ partnership, the rooftop solar energy system that CW Enerji installed to generate its own power was made possible with Garanti BBVA Leasing finance support.

Garanti BBVA Leasing supports green investments

Ünal Gökmen, Garanti BBVA Leasing managing director, reiterated that the company always prioritizes green investments; he thus stressed the importance of the agreement reached with CW Eneji. Ünal Gökmen referred to the significant financial support the company has provided to solar energy plant projects. He expressed his satisfaction at being able to share the company’s experience with investors in rooftop solar energy stations in addition to the contribution it makes to the economy. Gökmen said that “with our agreement with CW Enerji, we are offering sustainable financing solutions with a payment plan that is suited to each company’s cash flow needs, so that they can invest in solar power facilities and generate their own electricity.”

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