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Social> Entrepreneurship 16 Oct 2020

Garanti BBVA Organizes Virtual Women Entrepreneurs Meeting

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The Women Entrepreneurs Meeting, organized by Garanti BBVA in collaboration with KAGİDER, the Turkish Women Entrepreneurs Association, has been held virtually for the first time. The event which brought together thousands of female entrepreneurs, was attended by Turkey's Trade Minister, Ruhsar Pekcan, who came to show her support for one of the most important groups within the Turkish economy.

Garanti BBVA celebrates another edition of its forum for female entrepreneurs, which aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience, foster collaboration and open up new markets. Recep Baştuğ, CEO of Garanti BBVA and Emine Erdem, President of KAGİDER, gave the opening speech for this edition, entitled: "E-Commerce: Opportunities and New Markets." The session was attended by female entrepreneurs from across a variety of economic sectors. The closing speech was given by Turkey's Trade Minister, Ruhsar Pekcan.

Recep Baştuğ, CEO of Garanti BBVA, stressed the importance of digitization in the business world and how the pandemic has shown that the future is digital. "Garanti BBVA has been investing heavily in technology for some 25 years and continues to be committed to digitization. This has allowed it to continue delivering an uninterrupted service to 14 million customers during the pandemic, while also ensuring the health of its customers and employees," he said.

We had a hugely positive impact on the Turkish economy

Recep Baştuğ, meanwhile, explained that the digital world has provided the opportunity to continue supporting Turkish female entrepreneurs this year. "We have held this meeting virtually for the first time and have done so with the same enthusiasm as in the previous fourteen years of the forum, in which we have not only increased participation significantly, but also had a hugely positive impact on the Turkish economy," he said.

2020 Edition

In this edition, Aslı Elif Tanuğur Samancı, one of the founders of Bee'o Propolis, who received the award for "Most Influential Young Female Entrepreneur," in 2016 shared her story of success and influence. The meeting also looked at different aspects of digitization in the business world, payment methods in foreign trade, access to foreign markets and various strategies to encourage business development.