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Advisory Act. 22 Feb 2018

Unique experiences: a private bank beyond anything you’ve imagined

Unique Experiences is a special program of BBVA in Switzerland, by which clients can access a wide range of experiences and services carefully selected to help them enjoy life and their patrimony. The program encompasses a range of areas such as lifestyle, health, education, innovation, culture and entertainment. It also seeks to bring clients closer to Switzerland, a country whose living standards have put it in the top positions in the rankings of quality of life around the world.

In health, through agreements with medical centers and companies specializing in wellbeing, clients and their families can obtain a second medical opinion from the best specialists in the world for the treatment of any pathology, without having to travel.

In the area of training and education, BBVA brings Latin American clients closer to the European education system. Through a network of secondary schools and universities, the bank advises the children of clients in choosing their studies, summer camps or Master's programs. At the same time, the training of the younger generations is focused on strengthening the interest that millennials show in finance.

Culture is one of the principal pillars of the non-financial offer of BBVA in Switzerland, as a product for investment and consulting. Customers enjoy exclusive events at the most important art fairs in the world and also have an exclusive consulting service for the purchase and sale of artworks and the management of their collections.

Being a Private Banking client of BBVA in Switzerland means working with a financial institution that is concerned with the development of society in all the countries where it operates – from job creation to financial inclusion, entrepreneurship or the spread of knowledge.

Two very interesting features that attract the attention of clients are the courses in leadership and the innovation events around the world. Through initiatives such as the Open Talent competition, which connects the most disruptive startups with BBVA’s innovation ecosystem, clients can receive information first-hand and participate in innovation workshops.

Lastly, BBVA clients in Switzerland can enjoy the country's natural wonders, with scheduled visits and exclusive events that bring them closer to the reality of the country. Seeing a horse race on a frozen lake and or staying at one of the elegant resorts of Saint Moritz are without a doubt, unforgettable experiences.

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