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23 Jan 2019


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Marcus du Sautoy is a writer, television host and mathematics professor at the University of Oxford. He is best known for hosting the BBC documentary “The Code”, which explains basic concepts regarding the historical use and meaning of numbers. He says: “Some scientists want to discover a theory for everything, while I look at it from a different perspective, from another place: articulating some limits, establishing some questions that science was never able to answer.”

22 Jan 2019

18 Jan 2019


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For 30 years, Duncan Wardle worked for one of the most creative companies in the world: Walt Disney. It is his opinion that everyone is born creative. The problem is, at some point, someone told us that we are not. And we believed them. Wardle insists on the importance of re-connecting with the child we once were, and recovering creativity in all areas of life. “When we are trying to create great ideas, we have to play,” he says.

17 Jan 2019


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Daniel J. Siegel is a medical doctor, professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of California School of Medicine in Los Angeles, co-director of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center and executive director of the Mindsight Institute. With a positive vision, Siegel argues that adolescence is a very special time, emotions are sparked, social connections made, and searches start for what’s new and creative essence: “Adolescents have passion, a feeling that everything matters. They have a deep capacity for collaboration between themselves, and the strength to try new things,” he says.

16 Jan 2019


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Barbara Oakley is an engineering professor at Oakland University in Rochester and is a Ramón y Cajal Distinguished Scholar in Global Digital Learning at McMaster University. She is director of the course ‘Learning to learn’ offered by Coursera, the largest online course in the world. Oakley is one of the international pioneers in the area of neuroeducation and winner of numerous teaching awards, such as the Chester F. Carlson Award from the American Society for Engineering Education. Oakley invites us to leave our comfort zone in order to develop new skills and work flexibly: “A quality that will help us to adapt to an ever-changing world,” she says.

15 Jan 2019


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Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian astronaut to live aboard the International Space Station, spending almost 4,000 hours in space. Hadfield is one of the most experienced and accomplished astronauts in the world; he was responsible for the shuttle´s communications during 25 launches, was NASA’s director of operations, chief of robotics at the Johnson Space Center, and chief of operations for the International Space Station. He also served as commander of the International Space Station where he led a record number of scientific experiments, in addition to becoming one of the most popular astronauts in history taking photos and recording educational videos about life in space, for which he has received much praise. His music video of his gravity-free version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity is his most popular video.

14 Jan 2019

Dear team:

I am writing to you in relation to the recent pieces of news that are affecting us so much. Everyone at BBVA is shocked by the information reported which started on January 9. These pieces of news link BBVA to the monitoring or intervention of private communications. If true, it would be undoubtedly extremely serious, deplorable behavior, radically opposed to what we are and what we stand for, and, ultimately, to the values ​​of BBVA that move us every day.


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This educator, writer and communicator, is a world leader in pedagogy. Robinson believes a profound transformation of the current education system is needed and maintains that the role of teachers is decisive. He argues that “It’s difficult to overstate the importance of teachers in your life” and adds: “It is a multi-faceted profession, one of the most demanding jobs a person can have.” As opposed to examinations and subject hierarchies, he defends creativity as one of the most important skills that schools should nurture: “It’s the essence of what it means to be human.” he states.

11 Jan 2019

BBVA has developed a sustainable transactional product framework linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGD), for qualifying its clients’ transactional banking operations as green, social or sustainable. This industry-first methodology has been reviewed by and obtained a favorable opinion from sustainability ratings agency Vigeo Eiris, and is making its market debut with a transaction by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, a BBVA strategic client.


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Considered to be one of the most influential psychologists of recent times, Daniel Goleman burst onto the international scene as the best-selling author of ‘Emotional Intelligence’. Goleman maintains that we should teach our children how to practice and develop emotional intelligence. The psychologist stresses the fundamental importance that our ability to focus our attention plays in today’s world, either as a way to practice self-control, to improve our ability to empathize with others, or better understand the world around us, and so there are benefits to training it: “Attention is like a muscle. if we don’t use it, it gets weak: if we exercise it, it gets strong.” he declares.

10 Jan 2019

With regards to media reports related to Grupo Cenyt, which if found to be true would be extremely serious, BBVA informs that in June 2018 it opened an investigation into the hiring and services rendered by this company. It also commissioned an external law firm to proceed with an independent review of all facts and available documents. Both actions are currently underway.

Should any irregularities be detected during these reviews, BBVA will adopt the pertinent internal measures and take the appropriate legal actions and, as always, will fully cooperate with law authorities.

Several initiatives were launched in 2018 that will lead to new legislative developments – primarily related to the implementation of the Basel framework and the completion of two major European projects: the Banking Union and  the Capital Markets Union. These are some of the regulatory trends for 2019 that BBVA Research principal economist María Victoria Santillana explores in an op-ed published in the newspaper, Expansión.


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Considered to be one of the most influential female scientists of the twentieth century, Jane Goodall’s eyes shine when she shares her stories from days past; today they have become life lessons about science and education: “Be curious and make mistakes, be patient and don’t give up.” this extraordinary woman reiterates. Doctor Goodall’s research revolutionized the scientific community and fascinated the entire world with her National Geographic documentaries. Her perseverance, intuition, empathy, and skill at making observations, not only allowed her to discover the unknown world of the chimpanzees and other species, but has also encouraged us to reflect on ourselves and to promote a more sustainable lifestyle and a more just society.

09 Jan 2019

The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Climate Change category has gone in this eleventh edition to Anny Cazenave (France), John Church (Australia) and Jonathan Gregory (UK), for their research into the response of sea level to climate change. Narrowing down the causes, integrating satellite observations and innovations applied in numerical modeling have contributed to discovering that the pace at which this rise is taking place is increasing.


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A neurologist and a mother: that’s how Frances Jensen, one of the most respected international researchers of the adolescent brain, defines herself. She is chair of the Neurology Department at the University of Pennsylvania. In her latest work ‘The Teenage Brain’. “Teenagers are learning machines,” states this neurologist, although she qualifies that “they learn both the good and the bad equally well.” From her privileged position as a scientist, teacher, and mother, Jensen explores and dispels myths about adolescence and provides practical advice on how to get through this complex stage of life.

08 Jan 2019

Garanti Bank is expanding its unique range of innovative products and services with the rollout of Garanti Stories, a new feature embedded in the Garanti Cep app. Garanti Stories offers services that go beyond traditional banking while fulfilling customers’ basic needs and expectations, delivering an experience similar to the stories on popular social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.


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Adam Alter is a psychologist and professor in the Psychology Department at New York University, and a regular contributor to prestigious media like The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Wired, and Popular Science. Alter is the author of the U.S. best-selling book., ‘Irresistible’, where he describes behavior that is harmful and addictive for our children and uses examples that will resonate with many. “If they always find the answer using a screen, children won’t learn to self-regulate.” Interaction with technology when children are present is the best example, which is why he warns, “children are interested in whatever their parents are paying attention to.”

04 Jan 2019


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Professor of psychology at Stanford University, Carol Dweck is one of the leading researchers and international innovators in education due to her ground-breaking ideas about mindset, motivation, and development. Dweck created the concepts of fixed mindset, people who believe that intelligence is innate and unchangeable; and the growth mindset, those who believe that their skills can improve with training and effort. Through her research, she has concluded that parents, teachers, and educators can help promote the growth mindset. Limiting feedback about a child’s intelligence to praise can have a negative impact and encourage a fixed mindset.

03 Jan 2019


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Tim Elmore is a popular American writer, trainer, and expert on the millennial generation. He is the founder of Growing Leaders, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide real life leadership skills to students. He is the author of books such as ‘Generation iY: Secrets to Connecting with Today’s Teens & Young Adults in the Digital Age’ and ‘12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid: Leading Your Kids to Succeed in Life’. In his work ‘Nurturing the Leader Within Your Child’ he is critical of overprotective parenting and excessive parental control, which can be summarized by one of the most well-known phrases in his book: “We must prepare children for the path, instead of the path for children.”

02 Jan 2019


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A doctor in physics and professor of educational technology at the University of Newcastle (United Kingdom), Sugata Mitra became world famous when TED, the organization that promotes technology, education and design, chose his talk as the most inspiring and with the greatest potential for change in 2013. He is also known for his “Hole in the Wall” experiment, which inspired the novel that later became the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ Today, his educational proposal, SOLE (Self-Organized Learning Environments), has experiences in schools of over 50 countries.

31 Dec 2018


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A doctor in psychology and philosophy, Tal Ben-Shahar currently holds the record for the largest enrollment in an undergraduate course at Harvard University: over 1400 students per semester. His Positive Psychology course quickly earned professor Tal Ben-Shahar his “Happyness Professor” nickname among students. His theories, which draw on science to propose methods to live life with enthusiasm and happiness, have resonated far beyond his classrooms, and his books have become global bestsellers. Can one learn how to be happy? Ben-Shahar’s answer is that “yes, we can change our levels of happiness,” but he doesn’t stop just there and argues that we should teach children how to be happy at schools.

Onur Genç represents BBVA’s global nature almost better than anyone else: a Turkish national working for a Spanish bank with global operations and aspirations. Having lived in 5 different countries, and having worked for BBVA in Turkey and the United States, Spain will become his new home next year, when he’s set to take over as BBVA Group’s CEO.

Carlos Torres Vila is, first and foremost, a great strategist. He’s capable of looking at any issue, delving into it until he unravels its complexity and understands all the details. He can then translate his insights into something that’s easy to understand. Once he’s made up his mind, he makes a decision and concentrates on executing on his idea. He fully relies on his teams: He makes sure that everyone who is seated at the table – regardless of seniority, responsibility or age – takes part in the conversation. He encourages everyone to share their opinions, and he values bright ideas.

Francisco González is a self-made man obsessed with two things: technology and ethics/values. His greatest passion is playing golf. He likes to speak frankly, with “frankly” being one of the words he uses most commonly because he “greatly appreciates the courage of those who speak their mind.” He’s proud of the independence that has defined his managerial style – “you can either keep your distance, or you can steer your company into a series of commitments that have nothing to do with the interests of the shareholders,  the customers, the employees or the company at large”, he has said on occasion.

28 Dec 2018


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Dutch therapist and writer Eline Snel is Europe’s leading voice in mindfulness applied to education. Snel method’s, also known as the “frog” method due to its focus on attention and breathing taking cues from amphibian behavior, is applied in primary and secondary schools in countries such as France, Germany, Singapore and also Spain. According to Snel, although mindfulness, “is not a magic wand”, teaching it at schools is beneficial for children and teachers, one of the most demanded professionals in the world, she explains.

27 Dec 2018


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He is better known as the founder of the world’s most important collaborative projects: Wikipedia. His contribution to the promotion and dissemination of human knowledge has been recognized on many occasions including a Princesa de Asturias Award for international cooperation in 2015. Jimmy Wales is passionate about education, especially about the possibilities that informal learning currently opens up for people’s education. Named the sixth most influential person in the world, Wales believes that, thanks to technology, learning is no longer restricted to schools and colleges, and that we all the need to keep learning throughout our lives.

26 Dec 2018

BBVA has signed an agreement to transfer a credit portfolio, which is composed by mortgages credits (mainly non-performing and in default), with an aggregate balance amounting to approximately €1.49 billion to Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB). The transaction is part of BBVA’s strategy to reduce to the fullest its exposure to real estate risks in Spain.

24 Dec 2018


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A distinguished professor at the University of Massachusetts and holder of a PhD in Philosophy, Robert Swartz is considered one of the most influential voices in education. Head of the Center for Teaching Thinking (CTT), Swartz is the creator of the Thought-Based Learning method (TBL), that teaches students to make decisions through critical thought and to think creatively and autonomously. For Swartz, thinking and reasoning properly is a social function, which is why it is so important that, at schools, students develop, share ideas, and learn by working together.

21 Dec 2018

20 Dec 2018

The Board of Directors of BBVA today approved the appointments of Carlos Torres Vila as Group’s executive chairman, and of Onur Genç as CEO. The Board also approved a new organizational structure, thus completing the succession plan that ensures the continuity of BBVA’s transformation strategy, following the departure of Francisco González.

BBVA and the European Investment Bank Group (EIB) have signed a synthetic securitization of €1 billion. The agreement is a very innovative financing operation, as it is the first synthetic securitization to be supported by blockchain technology in the European Union and the third synthetic corporate loan securitisation signed by the EIB Group and BBVA. Moreover, BBVA and EIB Group will provide €360 million to finance investments projects of SMEs and midcaps.


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Matt Goldman is internationally renowned for being one of the three members of the New York theater company Blue Man Group. He explains, “As artists, we had the feeling that culturally, something was missing in schools.” Concerned by the future of society and education, in the year 2006 the Blue Men founded the Blue School in New York. “We realized the many aspects of the Blue Man Group, like social conscience, collaboration and the research approach could fit perfectly in the environment of a different school,” he explains.

19 Dec 2018

BBVA is to initiate a strategic review of options for its automobile financing business in Chile, mainly carried out through Forum Servicios Financieros S.A (Forum). Some of the options being explored include a total or partial sale of Forum, which will not necessarily lead to a sale. BBVA will assess all possible options that contribute to create value for its shareholders.


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It is one thing to think and study about ways to improve education, many people devote their lives to it. But only a few can actually talk from experience. Richard Gerver is one of them. The winner of “Best Head Teacher” in the British National Teaching Awards, Gerver is regarded as one of the most innovative and inspiring educational leaders of our time. He’s been asked to share his vision on education and human potential by many organizations and top-level athletes across the world. He’s written three books “Creating tomorrow’s school today,” “Change,” and “Simple Thinking”. For this PhD in Education, teacher and author, “the key to education is helping children discover what they’re passionate about.”

18 Dec 2018

14 Dec 2018


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For Kiran Bir Sethi, one thing’s clear: If there’s one thing that children should learn at school, that’s how to change the world. How? This Indian educator’s proposal is Design for Change, a movement that fosters children’s creativity and initiative to solve problems in their community, and that currently is present in over 60 countries. Sethi is also a founder of the Riverside schools, and there, she helps little students grow by saying ‘I can!” And of course, to the beat of a Bollywood tune.

The Turkish Women Entrepreneurs Competition recently celebrated its 12th edition. During the ceremony, the first and only one of its kind, the names of the winners of the four award categories – Turkish Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Turkish Woman Entrepreneur Who Made a Difference in Her Region, Most Promising Turkish Woman Entrepreneur and Turkish Woman Social Entrepreneur of the Year – were announced.

13 Dec 2018

The BBVA Foundation and the Spanish Royal Society of Physics presented their annual awards to promote scientific culture and recognize high quality research, innovation and the work of young physicists. During the ceremony, BBVA Foundation President Francisco González indicated that: “Physics is a science with an ability like none other to shape our vision of the world while transforming our environment through radical technological innovation.” Furthermore, the President of the BBVA Foundation was named a distinguished member of the scientific organization for “his genuine interest in fomenting science in general and physics in particular.”

12 Dec 2018

BBVA Asset Management (BBVA AM) believes that the stock market may be the most profitable asset for the coming year as a whole, but within a volatile market environment. This has been pointed out by Joaquín García Huerga, director of Global Strategy of BBVA Asset Management, in the presentation of the market outlook for 2019. If the economic cycle is not turned around, the stock markets could rise by an average of 10% by adding dividends.

Identification using authentication like digital fingerprints and facial or iris recognition is making inroads in the world of airports where companies are looking for new technologies to enhance the user experience.

10 Dec 2018

07 Dec 2018

Already a leader in housing loans and cards, Garanti Bank became Turkey’s largest private bank in 2018 in all individual product groups by rising to the leading position in individual loans and time deposits. According to the results of the third quarter of the year, Garanti ranked top as the preferred private bank in terms of time deposits after individual loans. The efforts in the retail banking sector have contributed significantly to the successful performance of Garanti Bank in the third quarter.

05 Dec 2018

04 Dec 2018

BBVA joined ING, BNP Paribas, Société Générale and Standard Chartered in a joint commitment to adapt their lending portfolio to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.  In an open letter to the global leaders and heads of state currently meeting at the 24th session of Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) in Katowice (Poland), these banks committed to finance and design financial services that are needed to support clients as they transition to a low carbon economy.

03 Dec 2018

30 Nov 2018

Stephen Hawking was undoubtedly one of the greatest scientists in history. Steven Brown, an employee of BBVA Engineering Spain, was lucky to attend the renowned physicist’s classes at the University of Cambridge, where he learned about much more than physics.

29 Nov 2018

28 Nov 2018

The Board of Directors of BBVA approved the succession plan for the company’s chief executive officer (CEO). Onur Genç, who is currently the CEO of BBVA Compass and U.S. country manager for BBVA, will replace Carlos Torres Vila as Group CEO. The succession is expected to take place on Dec. 31, 2018.

27 Nov 2018

Atom bank, the UK’s first bank built for mobile and the country’s fastest growing mortgage lender, has agreed a multi-year partnership with leading fintech Thought Machine to put its next generation of personal and business banking products onto Thought Machine’s Vault platform.

Garanti and Bahçeşehir University heighten their collaboration on the ‘Code the Future with Garanti’ project, an initiative that aims to better prepare children for the digital future. This year the project partners have kicked off a new phase that includes new contents as well as teacher training in seven cities across Turkey.

26 Nov 2018

BBVA’s family of podcasts is growing. The Group is launching two new programs this week that will join its collection of audio content. ‘Deep Talks’ is a monthly interview with people who managed to transform their environment. The first person featured in the podcast is BBVA Group Executive Chairman Francisco González. Meanwhile, ‘Data Stories’ aims to explain the world of data and its importance in people’s everyday lives. The podcasts are part of the bank’s commitment to sharing knowledge and content.

23 Nov 2018

22 Nov 2018


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“The Principles for Responsible Banking demonstrate the banking industry’s clear commitment to a sustainable future – the only future that is acceptable and profitable for everyone.” With these words, Christiana Figueres, Convenor of Mission 2020 and former Executive Secretary of the United Nations (UN) Framework Convention on Climate Change, expressed her support for the Principles for Responsible Banking, and called on banks, regulators and stakeholders to join them.

Her Majesty Queen Letizia and BBVA’s Group Executive Chairman Francisco González presented the 10th edition of the Integra Awards at BBVA City (Madrid) this morning. These awards recognizes the accomplishments of organizations that develop workplace integration initiatives for people with disabilities and launch employment generating programs. The five organizations that received this year’s awards are the Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation, Ilunion Responsible Tourism, the National Confederation of Deaf People, Amimet, and the Mental Health Federation of Castile and León.

The impact of human action on biodiversity is a challez nge that remains unresolved. Numerous scientific studies confirm that these changes are causing the extinction of more and more species – the consequences of which are at least as severe as climate change. The work of civil society organization is essential to combat this phenomenon. This year, the BBVA Foundation once again sought to recognize the work of some of these organizations with its Biodiversity Conservation Awards.

21 Nov 2018

20 Nov 2018


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‘Big data’, ‘IA’, ‘blockchain’, ‘cloud’, biometrics… these are just a few of the new technological developments that are reshaping the financial world in general, and BBVA in particular. BBVA and Cisco’s new Engineer Exchange Program creates the perfect opportunity to exchange talent and new ways of working in this digital environment.

19 Nov 2018

BBVA hosted the forum “Energy Transition Opportunities for the Spanish and European economies.” During the event José Manuel González-Páramo, stressed that “At BBVA we highly appreciate the proposed measures, not only the draft legislation on climate change, but those measures that have been taken by other countries (France, Poland, and Ireland) that give sustainable financing a boost by issuing green bonds.”

16 Nov 2018

The market for influencers is in full expansion mode. This trend has proven to be an opportunity not only for the influencers themselves – or those who aspire to become one – but also for companies that see an opportunity to promote their products or services.

15 Nov 2018

14 Nov 2018

13 Nov 2018

“Our vision of the world is marked by a sense of urgency, but also by a sense of opportunity. We need to re-imagine the role of banking in society. As banks we have to focus on a mission and creating a positive impact on people’s lives.” These are the words of BBVA’s Global Head of Responsible Business, Antoni Ballabriga, on a panel where he was joined by the European Commission Vice President, Vladis Dombrovskis, during the Sustainable Finance in Nordic-Baltic conference held in Helsinki.

12 Nov 2018

Who will win the battle between fintech and banks in an age where geographic borders matter less and data is a critical factor in business growth? Actually for BBVA Chief Executive Officer Carlos Torres Vila the answer is simple – it will be the customer. This was one of the key messages he delivered in front of several thousand people at the world’s biggest fintech conference in Singapore, earlier today.

08 Nov 2018

BBVA backs the European network of Financial Centers for Sustainability, which was presented at the Climate Innovation Summit 2018. The annual summit is organized by Climate-KIC and was held in Dublin this year. “At BBVA, we value the creation of this network of centers representing Europe’s most influential cities. The initiative, which has its origins in the United Nations Environment Programme, represents an additional pillar encouraging all key players to get involved in building a more robust and resilient financial system.” asserts Antoni Ballabriga, BBVA’s Global Head of Responsible Business.

06 Nov 2018

At the Atlantic Council in Washington DC, BBVA Group Executive Chairman Francisco González presented ‘The Age of Perplexity’ – the tenth installment of OpenMind’s book series, which explores the profound transformation brought about by the digital revolution. In his opinion, the combination of globalization and rapidly developing technology has led to an era of political and social change. This period is both the cause and effect of a state of deep uncertainty, which focuses primarily on the future of the economy and employment.


05 Nov 2018

BBVA’s CEO recently spoke at the DeustoForum in Bilbao. Carlos Torres Vila discussed BBVA’s transformation strategy in front of an audience of the Basque business community and current Deusto University students and alumni. “In today’s world opportunities are digital. That’s why we focus on the digitization of our customers, providing channels that are always available and a simple, agile experience,” he maintained.

02 Nov 2018

BBVA has once again excelled in EU-wide bank stress tests thanks to its resilience in the face of potential economic shocks. According to the exercise results, published today, BBVA would reach a fully loaded CET1 capital ratio of 8.80 percent in 2020 under the adverse scenario. The bank would also have the second least negative impact among its peers between the initial ratio in 2017 and the final ratio in 2020 (1.93 percentage points). Among big European banks  assessed, BBVA is one of the few banks with the ability to generate an accumulated profit in the three-year period under analysis (2018, 2019, and 2020), under the adverse scenario.

31 Oct 2018

30 Oct 2018

The exhibition brings together nearly 200 works reconstructing some of the lesser known phases of Surrealism in the 1930s,1940s, and early 1950s – through the lens of Lee Miller. The exhibition is organized like a dialog between Miller’s photographs and works by artists such as Max Ernst, Leonora Carrington, Man Ray, Eileen Agar, Paul Nash, Salvador Dalí, Giorgio de Chirico, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Maruja Mallo, Dora Maar, and others.

Transformation: Digital and mobile customers as well as digital sales continued to grow across all geographies, with a positive impact on efficiency. Digital customers now account for 49% of the total, very close to the year-end target of having half of the customers banking through digital channels
Income: Operating income improved (+5.8 percent at constant exchange rates), driven by a positive trend in recurring revenues and containment in operating expenses. BBVA’s ROE between January and September was 12.2 percent, with ROTE standing at 14.8 percent
Risks: The NPL ratio was 4.1 percent in September (4.4 percent in June). Coverage ratio reached 73 percent
Capital: Despite a complex environment, the fully-loaded CET1 ratio stood at 11.34 percent. During the first nine months of the year, the tangible book value per share plus dividends grew 7.2 percent to €5.95

29 Oct 2018

The way of the future is a cashless society, but it’s not just around the corner. For several years innovators and political leaders have sought to promote a cashless society. It’s a long journey, and there is still a ways to go.

26 Oct 2018

25 Oct 2018

Türkiye Garanti Bankası A.Ş., released its earnings report dated September 30, 2018. Based on the consolidated financials, Garanti’s asset size reached TL 456.33 billion, while its contribution to the economy through cash and non-cash loans increased to TL 354.75 billion. The Bank’s ROAE (Return on Average Equity) stood at 17.5% and ROAA (Return on Average Assets) reached 2.0%.

BBVA Global Head of Investment & Cost Management Luisa Gómez Bravo has been included in this year’s edition of MujeresyCía’s 100 Female Leaders in Spain 2018 list. Women’s news site MujeresyCía has unveiled the seventh edition of the ranking aimed at boosting the visibility of female talent in Spain and promoting the presence of women across all spheres of society. Gómez Bravo, was named in the ‘Executives’ category among over 1,000 candidates.

The bank brings digital transformation to its business customers with a financial aggregation service. BBVA One View is a real-time platform-agnostic service that allows businesses to control all their domestic accounts, credit accounts and cards from a single dashboard. This service, the first of its class in Spain, goes beyond financial aggregation. Leveraging Big Data technologies, it gathers and organizes information on bank accounts and other financial products, allowing companies to optimize their treasury activity and make decisions more efficiently.

24 Oct 2018

23 Oct 2018

22 Oct 2018

In an online world, scammers are using new tricks and forms of deception to get what they want from their victims. Although the tools may have changed, today’s scams are not much different from the old-school “pigeon drop” scam in which a victim is persuaded to give the scammer money with the promise of receiving a much larger sum. In this new scenario, cybersecurity training is essential to protect the private data of both individuals and professionals.

21 Oct 2018

20 Oct 2018

In an online world, scammers are using new tricks and forms of deception to get what they want from their victims. Although the tools may have changed, today’s scams are not much different from the old-school “pigeon drop” scam in which a victim is persuaded to give the scammer money with the promise of receiving a much larger sum. In this new scenario, cybersecurity training is essential to protect the private data of both individuals and professionals.

19 Oct 2018

The issue is no longer about using data, but doing it in a responsible manner that also has a positive impact on users’ lives.  This was one of the most relevant topics discussed during the second day of BBVA Open Summit, where Derek White, Global Head of Client Solutions at BBVA, stressed that user confidence is the key to success in this new digital playing field.

18 Oct 2018

17 Oct 2018

In an online world, scammers are using new tricks and forms of deception to get what they want from their victims. Although the tools may have changed, today’s scams are not much different from the old-school “pigeon drop” scam in which a victim is persuaded to give the scammer money with the promise of receiving a much larger sum. In this new scenario, cybersecurity training is essential to protect the private data of both individuals and professionals.

16 Oct 2018

15 Oct 2018

11 Oct 2018

BBVA executive chairman Francisco González attended this year’s meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank in Bali (Indonesia). He commented that resulting from today’s digital revolution, “ultimately there will be more wealth and prosperity for the whole world, and I hope less inequality; less difference between the have and have-nots.” Francisco González’s remarks come from what will be one of his last international meetings ahead of handing over the baton to Carlos Torres Vila, after December 31.

10 Oct 2018

After obtaining all required authorizations, BBVA closed the transaction that will transfer its real estate business in Spain to Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. The deal was announced in November 2017. The closing of the transaction results in the sale of 80 percent of Divarian’s share capital to Cerberus, the company created to transfer the real estate portfolio. BBVA is to retain the remaining 20 percent stake.

09 Oct 2018

The CEO and future chairman of BBVA, Carlos Torres Vila, stressed this morning that “privacy should never be the price to pay for a service.” At the IX Financial Meeting organized by KPMG and Spain’s daily business journal Expansión he explained that new European regulations for the protection and use of data (GDPR and PSD2) are a step in the right direction, although he called for a level playing field between banks and other sectors.

08 Oct 2018

05 Oct 2018

04 Oct 2018

03 Oct 2018

02 Oct 2018

Switzerland is the global center of private banking and a country many investors go to in search of diversification. But private banking is much more than that. It involves constant striving to understand the complexity of the financial markets in order to offer customers the best advice possible.

BBVA secures the top spot in global mobile banking for the second year in a row. In a report published recently, ‘The Forrester Banking Wave™: Global Mobile Apps Summary, 2018’, Forrester Research, an independent research firm, singles out BBVA as leading the pack among nine global mobile banking leaders. This recognition comes a few months after the analyst firm gave BBVA the highest score for mobile banking in Europe. In 2017, BBVA also earned the first position in the global ranking, according to Forrester’s  ‘2017 Global Mobile Banking Benchmark.’

This open-source blockchain platform has made its way into different sectors of the economy and aims to become the blockchain technology standard in the world of business. BBVA is an official member of the Hyperledger consortium and has used its technological platform to manage blockchain-powered corporate loans.

28 Sep 2018

The maker movement has helped reignite interest in open-source hardware with projects where device components and information are shared openly to allow everyone to contribute to their development and improvement.

27 Sep 2018

On December 31, 2018, Francisco González will step down as BBVA Group Executive Chairman, after 18 years at the helm of the bank and almost four more as Chairman of Argentaria. Following the Board’s announcement regarding the approval of the chairman’s succession plan, we sit down with him for an hour to talk about the meaning of his decision.

26 Sep 2018

The Board of Directors of BBVA approved the succession plan for the company’s chairman. The plan establishes that CEO Carlos Torres Vila is to replace Francisco González as group executive chairman when he leaves his post, which is expected to take place on Dec. 31st, 2018. The succession ensures the continuity of the transformation process which has placed BBVA at the forefront of the global financial industry.

24 Sep 2018

21 Sep 2018

19 Sep 2018

Michelle Lok works as a Social Media Specialist at BBVA United States. She puts the same strength and determination into her training that she brings to bear at work every day. This BBVA Ambassador thinks big 24/7.

18 Sep 2018

BBVA has issued a €1 billion contingent convertible bond, or CoCo, (Additional Tier 1 or AT1) with a coupon of 5.875 percent, equaling its lowest-ever rate for this type of issue. High demand has allowed it to reduce the coupon by 50 basis points, from the initial 6.375 percent. This is a perpetual instrument (without a specific maturity date) over which the issuer reserves a call option in the fifth year.

17 Sep 2018

Francisco González, the executive chairman of the BBVA Group, is a member of the International Advisory Panel of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and is a frequent visitor to the country. This weekend, he took part in the Singapore Summit, an event aimed at “connecting Asia with the rest of the world.” While there, Francisco González granted an interview to the Spanish daily ABC, in which he speaks about the “extraordinary moment” the bank is going through, having chosen to embark on a digital endeavor, the results of which have been striking. These results include an increase in digital sales, which accounted for 42 percent of total sales in July. “The first fruits of digitization have been really superb,” he says.

16 Sep 2018

Francisco González weighs in on the challenges of the financial sector to compete with big tech firms in an article published on the ‘Singapore Summit’ website. BBVA Group Executive Chairman participated this weekend in the event – which analyzes Asia’s role as the driver of world growth – and in the annual meeting of the International Advisory Panel (IAP) of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

14 Sep 2018

If our digital identities are only guided by the recommendations fed by an artificial intelligence, we risk creating a virtual world with polarized opinions.

13 Sep 2018

12 Sep 2018

10 Sep 2018

06 Sep 2018

04 Sep 2018

Marga Barrera, Global Head of Design and UX (User Experience) at BBVA, speaks with Spain’s leading business newspaper, “Expansión” about her role and the effort her team is making to transform the bank into a digital business that delivers value-added products to its customers every quarter. “Design is a profession on the rise, that will have a lot of influence in the coming years.” states Barrera who emphasizes that in the current climate where companies are competing for talent with big firms like Microsoft, a commitment to design is essential.

03 Sep 2018

More than six months have passed since the initial deadline for compliance with the EU’s PSD2, designed to increase openness, convenience, and competition in consumer banking. There has been criticism that the foretold open banking revolution has been slow to get off the ground. But is that fair? What has been achieved so far, is open banking on course, and what does the future hold?

29 Aug 2018

28 Aug 2018

New technologies have transformed the financial sector based on integrating systems that learn for themselves while processing millions of pieces of data. BBVA has pioneered the use of automated systems such as bots to enhance customer experience.

17 Aug 2018

It’s time for suitcases, airplanes, highways … and it’s the high season for tourism and travelling, an activity that has a huge economic impact around the world. In gross terms, this industry is most important to the United States, whereas in Spain it represents almost 15 percent of the GDP, with Catalonia and Spain’s islands being the preferred destinations.

16 Aug 2018

A traditional debate that ensues when banks are expanding internationally revolves around whether it is preferable to run branch offices or set up subsidiaries. Subsidiaries are associated with decentralized models where banks adapt to the local environment, both from a business and regulatory point of view. The model that uses branches characterizes banks with a more centralized structure, where decisions are made by the parent company.

13 Aug 2018

10 Aug 2018

BBVA has requested arbitration procedures through the complementary mechanism of the ICSID – the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes – within the framework of the Reciprocal Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements between Spain and Bolivia with respect to the transfer of BBVA Previsión AFP (Pension Fund Administrator) to the Government of Bolivia.

07 Aug 2018

World Finance Magazine and European CEO Magazine pay tribute to the BBVA unit’s achievements in customer experience and digital transformation. Garanti has been named as “the Best Retail Bank in Turkey” by World Finance Magazine and as “the Best Retail Bank in Europe” by European CEO Magazine in recognition of the quality of customer experience it delivers, the digital transformation of its branches and innovative projects and solutions such as its instant e-commerce loan.

01 Aug 2018

A new cryptocurrency available without the internet represents one of the first examples of how to implement blockchain technology in the absence of a decent digital infrastructure.

31 Jul 2018

30 Jul 2018

BBVA is to link its power supply needs to the construction of a new wind farm. The new facility, which will be developed, built and run by Enel Green Power Spain, is part of BBVA’s 2025 Pledge and will add renewable energy capacity in Spain, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

27 Jul 2018

Türkiye Garanti Bankası A.Ş. announced its financial statements for the first half to June 30, 2018. On a consolidated financial basis, in the first six months of 2018, Garanti had assets of TL384.878 billion, while its contribution to the economy through cash and non-cash loans increased to TL319.244 billion. The Bank’s ROAE (Return on Average Equity) was 18.1 percent and ROAA (Return on Average Assets) 2.1 percent.


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Following the release of BBVA’s Q2-18 earnings, BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila said today that the quarter’s net attributable profit stood at €1.31 billion, bringing the total for the first six months of the year to €2.65 billion, up 15 percent from the same period a year earlier. “We were off to a very good start of 2018 last quarter, and this quarter we’ve managed to achieve some excellent results, despite the uncertainty surrounding some of the markets in which we operate,” he said.

  • Transformation: At the end of June, BBVA’s digital customer base stood at 25.1 million (+26 percent yoy). Of these, 20.7 million were mobile customers (+43 percent yoy). Digital sales increased in H1-18 and now account for 39 percent of total sales. All this contributed to strengthen recurring banking revenues and to keep efficiency at 49.2 percent
  • Income: Solid trends in recurring revenues and cost containment efforts drove operating income growth in the first six months of 2018 (+6.8 percent in constant terms). Profitability has also improved significantly. ROE stood at 11.7 percent, while ROTE was 14.3 percent
  • Risks: Risk indicators continued to perform robustly. At the end of June, the NPL ratio stood at 4.4 percent, with coverage of 71 percent
  • Capital: A pro-forma fully-loaded CET ratio of 11.40 percent was reached in June. It includes the sale of BBVA Chile (finalized in July) and the Cerberus agreement to reduce its exposure to the real estate business. The tangible book value per share grew in the quarter

26 Jul 2018