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Communication Updated: 08 Apr 2020

BBVA editorial project shortlisted as finalist in the 'Digiday Media Awards Europe'

Innovation in communications is becoming increasingly important and necessary. BBVA’s ‘own voice’ project through has been shortlisted by 'Digiday Media Awards Europe' as one of the best new websites displaying an impressive performance in terms of editorial approach, quality and growth. These awards seek to pay tribute to companies working to modernize and improving media in Europe.


The jury’s final decision will be announced on May 31, in London. Our website, a bilingual English and Spanish project supported by all the countries in which the bank operates, competes in the ‘Best New Vertical/Brand’ category. This award recognizes “new media created from the ground up and which have managed to crystalize editorially building up an audience and the quality in their formats.” The nominees in this category are:

Sport Whispers
BBVA Communications
24sata - Miss7
Business Insider Europe
Vecernji.he relaunch

The list of finalists in other categories includes leading EU and international media outlets such as 'Sky News', 'HuffPost UK', 'Bloomberg' or 'CNBC':

The project

BBVA has stepped up its commitment to publish high-quality content by venturing into new formats, including a podcast channel, to boost the reach of its owned content, ‘storytelling’ content to help readers understand certain concepts and microdocumentaries.

We also use other formats such as interactive videos, infographics or ‘time lapse’ videos. An example of this is how the bank opened the doors to its trading floor. BBVA’s content dissemination effort is not restricted to social media. The bank also edits daily newsletters on topics such as technology, financial education or fintech.

This project was born to channel BBVA’s voice in society. BBVA has established its position as a creator of content due to the intense activity it develops in different areas: fintech, technology, innovation, economics, finance, financial education, sustainability, responsible business…