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Communication Updated: 25 Sep 2018

What does BBVA sound like?

On January 10th, BBVA launched a new tagline - Creating opportunities. It was a necessary step to reflect the changes underway at the bank - a transformation BBVA began more than 10 years ago that more than anything, benefits customers.  In just two words, this new tagline summarizes the bank’s new purpose: “To bring the age of opportunity to everyone.”

alt_BBVA_adn sonoro

This new tagline comes with a new image to fit this new purpose, value propositions and… a new sound. A decade after Adelante, BBVA is evolving its Sound DNA, making it a key component of this change. But, what exactly does BBVA sound like? What does this change sound like?

How we dream?

If Adelante referred to dreams for the future, now BBVA is referring to the present. For BBVA, 2017 will be the year that consumers see the benefits of digitization  and how technology helps them in their daily lives. It’s the Revolution of the Little Things. That’s what How We Dream¸ wants to transmit.

Momentum, optimism, authenticity, transparency… these are some of the concepts BBVA’s new Sound DNA hopes to transmit.  A pop music style so that it’s accessible to all cultures, the score includes unexpected elements and harmonies.

To obtain a sound that defines exactly what BBVA is , Amp Sound Branding, conducted a study on the history of the BBVA brand, it’s identity, values, strategy, principles, and above all, its purpose.

Different styles for different moments. The many different elements in this new Sound DNA tail off to be present in all aspects of the relationship between BBVA and its stakeholders. Flexible, but recognizable at all times, these different sounds are used depending on the type of communication taking place – interviews, institutional events, sales, television, social networks, etc. These sound elements seek to make BBVA’s communications warm and pleasant for users.

  • Calm and familiar: a fresh and youthful style.
  • Distinguished and elegant: for external and internal communications related to institutional initiatives.
  • Moving and motivational: for all initiatives related to education, social inclusion, support for civil society organizations, science and culture.
  • Upbeat and dynamic: For everything related to technology and digital initiatives.

How we dream isn’t a group, or just a song – it’s part of BBVA’s identity. It’s the best way to sum up that we work “to bring the age of opportunity to everyone”.