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Music 18 Aug 2017

The best apps for listening to music on any smartphone

The cell phone has become the perfect platform for enjoying practically any song, even in the most unexpected places. The only requirements are an internet connection and any one of the extensive array of apps now available. The traditional formats have been left behind. With the passage of time, music apps are gaining ground and their user numbers are increasing exponentially.


The year 2016 saw digital musical formats attain a 61.2% market share, outpacing traditional physical formats, whose share fell to 38.8%. This is reflected in the study entitled “The maturity of the Spanish Internet user,” published by Telecoming, which reveals that the increase in music streaming platforms is one of the principal forces behind this revolution.

These apps have considerably increased their range of possibilities. There are options for different types of users, including apps that go beyond merely listening to music, by providing tools to create it, as well as the karaoke apps that have become so fashionable.

In order to be successful, these apps must have a simple design and be intuitive and personalizable. And each one should try to mark the difference with its competitors.

When it comes to listening, sharing, creating playlists of favorites.…the most used app is Spotify. It recently surpassed 60 million paid users, and some sources say the company might soon be sold on the stock market. Spotify’s customer numbers are double the 27 million reported last June by Apple Music, the application developed by the manufacturer of the IPhone.

Launched in June, 2015, Apple’s music streaming service combines the iTunes library with a catalog almost identical to that of Spotify, which can be listened to without any limitation. It has a free trial period that lasts three months. Once this ends, the user can contract an individual plan for €9.99 a month, or a family plan for a maximum of six people, for €14.99 a month.

These are the two most popular apps, but the catalog of options doesn´t end here.


The French application Deezer trails behind the two giants. It has 16 million users and offers an added value: the user can see videoclips of his/her favorite artists. Deezer currently offers 30 days for free and afterwards, the service can be contracted without restriction for €9.99 a month.


This is the right app for listening to what’s called “non-commercial” music. It is used for discovering emerging artists who are not so well known to the general public. The songs are uploaded to a cloud by the users themselves. There is no limit to the hours of listening.

Google Play Music

The search engine giant offers online music for all types of platforms and operating systems (including iOS). It can be tried for free, without advertising, for a 30-day period. Once the trial period ends, it’s necessary to subscribe to the paid version, which costs €9.99 a month.

Google Sound Search

Who hasn´t at one time or another heard a song and not known the exact title or the artist’s name? This tool, very much in the style of the famous Shazam, allows users to find the name of any song, even with a lot of noise in the background. The app identifies the song and gives the user all the data available, such as the song title and the artist.

“How We Dream,” available in the principal music apps

BBVA’s new corporate song, interpreted by Maico, can also be heard on the principal music apps described above. This group from the island of Mallorca puts their voice and soul onto the soundtrack of opportunities. The song is right now on the Top 40 and the group has had a fantastic summer on tour around Spain.

Maico’s sound, which combines pop music with touches of soul, rock and techno, and lead singer Miguel´s voice, makes a perfect soundtrack for the new direction of BBVA.  And since Maico is at a point of growth and artistic development,  what better song than this one to provide opportunity for them?

The transformation of How we dream

You can hear #HowWeDream on your favorite digital platform:

Apple music

Google play