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Pension funds

11 Jul 2022

02 Feb 2018

22 Feb 2016

In spring 2016, the BBVA Expedition led by Carlos Soria will help the seasoned climber to take on one of the most ambitious challenges in his career: the “double goal” of crowning the summits of the Annapurna and the Dhaulagiri.

09 Feb 2016

Rising life expectancy, longevity, is a relatively recent phenomenon dating from the 19th century. Until then, for nearly 60,000 years, the life expectancy of humanity remained relatively constant. There is some evidence that increased life expectancy is a permanent phenomenon, with the implications that this might have not only for pension systems, but also for the organization of societies themselves.

11 Jan 2016

22 Dec 2015

How will the largest economies evolve over the next ten years? What yields may be expected from the main financial assets in that period of time? These are the two questions that the BBVA Asset Management’s strategy team has taken into consideration to elaborate a financial plan that allows to properly gauge the strategic asset portfolios it manages for its customers through different vehicles (investment funds, pension funds, SICAVs…).