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Human capital 04 Oct 2019

How BBVA Group celebrated Values Day around the world

A festive day to reflect on and assimilate BBVA's values. Values Day, now in its second year, was celebrated by the entire BBVA Group. Employees from across the bank's operating footprint connected with each other over shared values in various workshops, presentations, and group activities.

BBVA employees took a day out of their daily routine to focus on the corporate values espoused by the bank: 'The customer comes first', 'we think big', and 'we are one team'. Various activities were organized to encourage employees to share experiences and examples that have allowed them to focus their behavior towards a common purpose: to bring the age of opportunity to everyone.

Furthermore, the bank launched a mobile app that digitally broadcast some of the day's workshops. Eighty-two thousand employees — more than 70 percent of the total — accessed the app to complement their physical participation in the events.


'Values Day' in Argentina - BBVA

Nearly 1,000 employees from BBVA's central services division in Argentina joined in celebrating Values Day with 80 workshops that were bolstered by the involvement of agile and design-thinking ambassadors. These workshops allowed participants to make a connection between their personal stories and the values, conduct, and mission championed by BBVA. In turn, the rest of the bank's employees across the network of branches were invited to reflect on the corporate values. They have been encouraged to share their ideas through digital channels, which will continue to be available over the next two weeks.

In addition, close to 500 people were able to experience the surprising performance of the illusionist, Juan Ordeix, whose act in the BBVA Tower auditorium playfully linked mental games to the bank's values, most specifically thinking big.


'Values Day ' in Colombia - BBVA

In Colombia, the Values Day celebration centered around “JAM workshops” and conversations in which Óscar Cabrera, the country manager, together with various vice presidents addressed the leaders of the organization throughout the country. Participants enjoyed educational, yet fun, activities such as augmented reality games, “scape room” and “values challenge.” A giant version of Jenga was also available. The event was not limited to the country headquarters in Bogota. Activities were held in cities across the country, where the bank's vice presidents led meetings and discussion sessions that addressed the importance of the corporate values.

Those employees who had been chosen as the ambassadors for BBVA’s values received special recognition in a session in which Óscar Cabrera took part. The country manager closed the day with a presentation addressing the branch offices.

United States

'Values Day' in Estados Unidos - BBVA

In the United States, after the global event was streamed live, sales executives from the Retail department arranged a “super huddle” — an informal gathering that was broadcast to all of the local branches. At the larger offices, in-person workshops addressing BBVA values were arranged and prizes were awarded to those employees who had been selected as “hunters of values” – those individuals who exemplify one or more of the bank's values through their behavior.

Branch employees had double the cause to celebrate, since it was also customer appreciation day. Customers who visited any of the offices were the happy recipients of fun gifts.


'Values Day' in Mexico - BBVA

Values Day in Mexico boasted more than 21,000 participants in almost 5,800 workshop sessions. During the main activity, a values workshop, each team reflected on different professional anecdotes and shared how these experiences — through the bank's values and employee conduct — changed the lives of BBVA customers. The executive management team in Mexico actively participated in events with both the central divisions and throughout the network of offices, ensuring an integrated celebration of Values Day.


'Values Day' in Paraguay - BBVA

To get the day underway, Ignacio Sanz y Arcelus, country manager, and other executive management members welcomed one and all and encouraged all employees to live up to the bank’s values every day.

Participants celebrated the main event, “People with Values” and witnessed the delivery of the “Viva Prizes.” The BBVA headquarters auditorium in Asunción became a space for challenging games and team competitions, where all colleagues were encouraged to join in the fun.


'Values Day' in Peru - BBVA

BBVA Values Day was keenly embraced by the Andean country. The day began in the auditorium of the bank’s central headquarters in Lima, with more than 350 participants. Country Manager Fernando Eguiluz and Head of Talent & Culture Sandra Bianco welcomed everyone with words that stressed the importance of living up to the bank's values. The day at headquarters continued with “values workshops” and various activities that boasted the participation of 1,500 employees.

One of the most prominent events was the 'The Customer Comes First'’ experience. More than 200 employees from central headquarters, representing various departments and positions, went to different branch offices throughout the day in order to better understand what hands-on customer experience is like and gain insight into creating better synergies throughout the bank.


'Values Day' in Venezuela - BBVA

Two thousand and one hundred employees in Venezuela had the opportunity to live BBVA values through different activities and workshops. Country manager Agustín Anton and the executive management team demonstrated hands-on involvement during the day’s celebration.

In addition to fun activities with photocall technology, murals, and word games, awards were given to the employees who most exemplify BBVA's values.


Values Day in Uruguay

In Uruguay, employees of the 'Central House' held workshops and talks, enlivened by games and group dynamics. In addition, awards were also given to employees who displayed corporate values ​​more intensely.


Values Day at Garanti BBVA

Garanti BBVA also celebrated the Values Day with more thant 1,500 employes beeing part of workshops and talks. Thay also followed by streaming the global event that was held at Madrid´s headquarters. In Turkey the combined the values with sustainability, by planting more than 180 trees.