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Technology> Digital processing Updated: 24 Jul 2018

Garanti wins award for SME mobile app

Garanti’s mobile banking app was distinguished with the Efma and SAP Special Award for its digital proposal and value added services for its customers.

picture of app application digital banking account sme award garanti bbva

Garanti Cep was recently recognized as one of Turkey’s best mobile applications in the Efma SME Summit, held in Milan. A total of 42 institutions from 25 countries entered the competition. Garanti Cep, the bank's mobile app for customers and SMEs, was named overall winner, and earned second place in the Peer Recognition category.

“We aspire to increase the value of what we create for our customers, shareholders, workers, society and the environment on an ongoing basis, capitalizing on our responsiveness and organizational efficiency,” said Esra Kivrak, Garanti Small Business Banking and Marketing Coordinator. Also, she mentioned the bank’s commitment to offer solutions to cover the basic needs of SMEs, as well as carefully selected products which are vital for them.

"Thanks to the built-in integrated advanced data analysis feature, we are able to offer SMEs customized products

Vincent Bastid, CEO of Efma, emphasized the importance of this recognition, as “this disruptive initiative will not only help banks develop online and access first-class SME banking apps, but it will also enable global recognition through the awards ceremony.”

Garanti’s award-winning innovation

The products and improvements developed in Garanti Cep are a clear reflection of BBVA Group’s firm commitment to transformation. In early 2017, Efma recognized Garanti’s mobile interactive assistant (MIA), a voice-interaction feature that allows customers to carry out transactions, view movements or buy and sell foreign currency without having to tap their devices one single time.

“Garanti Cep’s live video chat feature also allows customers to contact one of our advisors for support,” added Esra Kivrak. The SME Banking and Marketing Coordinator also noted that “our app allows SMEs to schedule transactions and, thanks to the built-in integrated advanced data analysis feature, we are able to offer them customized products.”

Speed has become one of the top priorities for customers, and that is why Garanti offers them a platform that enables them to quickly carry out their financial transactions, through a user-friendly interface. The bank’s main strategy is to offer a comprehensive, easy to use, accessible and customized platform.

Garanti Cep’s top features

Upon completing the registration process for the first time, the mobile app is able to remember the SME bypassing the login process on subsequent occasions. Also, it offers the possibility to easily switch between business and personal accounts, and the option to register several users with different authorization levels.

Regarding banking transactions, and as Esra Kivrak mentioned, “the app boasts the key day-to-day transactions for SMEs, including cash-flow monitoring, money transfers, credit card transactions, payment of utility bills and payroll management, to name a few.”