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Digital banking Updated: 12 Apr 2018

Making the branch mobile

Digital transformations are most effective when customers are not aware their bank has undergone one, says BBVA Compass Head of Retail Banking Çağrı Süzer.

Of course, he says, customers might intuitively feel a change as banking becomes easier and more convenient, but becoming more digital shouldn’t be disruptive. On the contrary, an effective digital transformation uses technology as a conduit to a better experience for the customer. At BBVA Compass’ branch network, digitizing the branch’s operating systems is having a big effect on the efficiency and convenience of banking.

Süzer: We’re transforming the BBVA Compass retail network to support a universal banker approach

“We’re transforming the BBVA Compass retail network to support a universal banker approach, where our bankers are a one stop shop for customers,” Süzer said. “For this to happen, our bankers need the right tools and information to quickly serve clients, no matter where we encounter them.”

The bank is leveraging its proprietary application, Client Vista, and innovative technologies inside (as well as outside) of its branches to increase efficiency, maximize convenience and foster a better experience for both the customer and banker.

To support the transformation, BBVA Compass has been building a proprietary front-end sales and service application called Client Vista, which effectively combines into one single source multiple systems used by the branch to manage accounts and customer relationships. The application also integrates other tools, like Salesforce, and connects the bank’s real-time core banking platform to the sales and service team. When completed, Client Vista will provide a 360 degree view of the client relationship, be able to originate new products and services, maintain existing customers and accounts, and help resolve customer issues

Süzer: With Client Vista, our bankers will have more mobility, and we’re not not just talking inside the branch

“With Client Vista, our bankers will have more mobility, and we’re not not just talking inside the branch,” said Süzer. “They will use a tablet to meet customers wherever they are - whether inside the branch or at another location - originate deposits accounts for them onsite and/or do certain servicing on their existing accounts, all via Client Vista on a portable digital device.”

Süzer acknowledged that there may be those who are skeptical about how innovative a software like Client Vista may be. He noted, however, the impact it has already had on account opening, which has been trimmed from 45 minutes to 10, and that today most consumers agree to their deposit account terms electronically - and even have the option of receiving those terms via email, instead of on paper.  And when customers receive disclosures electronically, the required printed paperwork to open a deposit account is reduced from approximately 50 printed pages to zero.

Süzer: We simply want to make [our customer's] experience with us easy and convenient

“Our customers will never know the effort it took to develop a tool like Client Vista, and that’s okay because we simply want to make their experience with us easy and convenient,” Süzer said. “This tool streamlines our own experience as a banker, making us more efficient both in and out of the branch. We have a better experience, which means our customers do too. At the end of the day, that’s what we care about.”

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