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How to read a bank balance sheet?

How to read a bank balance sheet?

“In recent years, we have been increasing our business in key sectors while reducing their emissions,” said the Global Head of Sustainability and CIB at BBVA, Javier Rodríguez Soler. “We set decarbonization targets for eight key sectors and are reducing the absolute and relative emissions of these sectors. And we are doing so while increasing our financing business with these clients,” he stated at the Institute of International Finance (IIF) European Summit in Paris.

Digital channels have become the main way banks interact with their customers, both to check information and to carry out any kind of transaction. In this context, biometrics are gaining ground as they are a safe way to verify that customers are who they say they are. “At BBVA, there are over 40 use cases on a group level in which customer identity must be identified by biometrics, one of the most secure ways to prevent fraud,” said Natalia Ortega, Global Head of Financial Crime Prevention at BBVA.

The new Salt exhibition, ‘Hava Dair’ (About the Air)  aims to give life to the social and environmental aspects of air pollution through a series of different experiments. The exhibition, which is sponsored by Garanti BBVA, was designed by the Milan-based design studio 2050+ for Salt's Beyoğlu location. It can be visited free of charge until August 18th.

BBVA completed a successful pilot test of distributed execution of quantum algorithms across multiple conventional servers in the AWS cloud. BBVA's pilot, one of the first of its kind in the financial sector, provides the bank with a proprietary architecture to further explore the use of quantum computing in complex financial tasks.

BBVA’s Board of Directors is presenting an offer to Banco Sabadell shareholders so they can benefit from an exceptionally favorable proposal. The deal offers one BBVA share for every 4.83 of Sabadell, representing a 30 percent premium over the closing price of both banks on April 29th, and a 50 percent premium over the weighted average prices of the past three months. The transaction has very positive financial impacts thanks to relevant synergies and the complementarity and excellence of both banks. The operation will create one of the best banks in Europe, with a loan market share close to 22 percent in Spain. Furthermore, BBVA will maintain its current shareholders distribution policy and its commitment to distribute any excess capital above 12 percent.

BBVA Chair Carlos Torres Vila gave the opening presentation at the BBVA Mexico's annual National Meeting of Regional Advisors 2024, the Group's flagship summit in Mexico. Addressing more than 400 business leaders, he reasserted BBVA's commitment to Mexico by announcing that the bank's investments in the country will reach 81.4 billion pesos, or around €4.45 billion, well above the amount originally foreseen in the 2019-2024 plan.

Payments infrastructure company EBA CLEARING successfully completed the first pan-European proof of concept for the R2P (Request To Pay) service. This digital messaging service is designed to streamline collection processes and can help boost instant transfers and electronic billing in the region. BBVA and seven other multinational payment service providers took part in the trial. They proved capable of exchanging payment requests in milliseconds.

At the presentation of first-quarter results, CEO Onur Genç said that BBVA expects improved profit both this year and next year compared to the same period of 2023. Specifically, "Our outlook for net attributable profit this year improves to double-digit growth. I see an even better 2025 versus 2024," he said. Genç also anticipates higher recurring revenue in the BBVA Group account in 2024, thanks to an improvement in the forecast for net interest income in Spain.

Garanti BBVA announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2024. The bank’s net income for the first three months of the year stood at TL 22.48 billion; total  assets were TL 2.46 trillion; and cash and non-cash loans reached TL 1.85 trillion. Customer deposits represented 71 percent of assets - the main source of funding. The total deposit base reached TL 1.75 trillion, up 9.3 percent this quarter.  Garanti BBVA’s capital adequacy ratio was 15.4 percent,*  its return on average equity (ROAE) was 36 percent, and return on average assets (ROAA) was 3.9 percent.

*Does not include  the forbearance introduced by BRSA


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In this episode of BBVA Greenfluencers, Dharel Patel, Head of Environment & Sustainability at National Express, tells us how Mobico (National Express) is leading the process of accelerating the decarbonization of transport and supporting cities in the UK to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences category goes to American psychologist Elke Weber in recognition of her research into “environmental decision-making and human responses to climate change.” Weber was the first psychologist to join the IPCC, a group of experts to which she brought her knowledge of decision-making theory.

We are immersed in an exciting era of unprecedented transformation in economic history. Two global macro trends will change the economy and industry as we know it in the coming years: first, technological disruption driven by advances in artificial intelligence; secondly, decarbonization. These emerging megatrends will transform business models in all sectors and provide an unprecedented opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship.

BBVA Chair Carlos Torres Vila spoke on Monday on Spain's opportunity to lead investment in the clean technologies required for the decarbonization of the economy. In his view, if the implementation of the EU Net-Zero Industry Act is ambitious in Spain, the country’s leading innovative companies will be able to invest in cleantech and place it in a better position compared to its European peers.

“Decarbonization is a technological revolution that requires innovation and financing. Its scope is global and it will affect all industries and sectors,” said Antonio Bravo, Global Head of Sustainability Strategy and CIB at BBVA. In the framework of the Energy Tech Summit, which ended yesterday in Bilbao, Bravo emphasized “the key role” of financing new clean technologies. “BBVA is committed to financing cleantech to facilitate its growth on an industrial scale,” he stressed.

BBVA is sponsoring the Energy Tech Summit, Europe's largest conference on innovation and investment in climate technologies and cleantech. More than 1,000 attendees from 40 countries including startups, investors, companies and government representatives will participate on April 10 and 11 in this event to be held at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao. The forum aims to connect and amplify the impact of new cleantech technologies in the fight against climate change.


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In the fifth chapter of BBVA Greenfluencers we share with you the experience of the international fund/asset manager Amundi, which began its journey towards sustainability years ago, convinced that ESG criteria would be the future of finance. Meet Yerlan Syzdykov, Global Head of Emerging Markets at Amundi Asset Management, who explains how Amundi assesses the ESG risks and opportunities emerging in Latin America.