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Fintech Updated: 30 Jan 2018

Ten Twitter accounts to follow for the latest on fintech

Here are the top ten Twitter accounts you should be following to stay up to date on the fintech sector.

The fintech industry is rapidly evolving and the demand for new services runs in parallel to the voices of experts who are capable of separating the wheat from the chaff in this revolution. Here are ten Twitter accounts you should follow: the people behind them are setting the course for the fintech industry. Listed in alphabetical order, we have taken into account recommendations from business online newspaper City AM, social network consulting firm Onalytica, the  technology job platform Untapt and analyst Jay Palter.

@davidbrear  24,800 followers

David Brear is the CEO of 11:FS, a London consulting firm specialized in fintech. He also participates in the weekly podcast FinTech Insider and is the non-executive director of Bud, a personal finance management app.

@eileentso  66,300 followers

Eileen Burbidge is a partner at VC firm Passion Capital, but stands out for her role as the connection between the fintech industry and British political powers. She is currently the President of Tech City UK, the organization that engages with the government to defend the interests of Britain’s technology industry. She is also a member of the U.K.’s Business Advisory Board and the HM Treasury’s special delegate for the fintech sector, two appointments made by former Prime Minister David Cameron, which the current Prime Minister Theresa May is maintaining. She also served as an adviser to Boris Johnson when he was Mayor of London, which many consider the fintech capital. Before the fintech explosion, she worked for Verizon, Skype and Yahoo!

@obussmann 20,000 followers

Oliver Bussmann has 25 years of experience working in banking and technology, long before both sectors would be lumped together in the name fintech. SAP, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, IBM and UBS are some of the companies that have benefited from his services. This year he resigned from his position as Chief Information Officer at the Swiss bank. Now he has his own fintech consulting company, working in five cities that are key to the sector’s changing model: Zurich, London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

@GCGodfrey 54,300 followers

With a degree in Quantum Physics from Leeds University, Gemma Godfrey is a skilled communicator who regularly contributes to newspapers like The Independent and The New York Times. She also served as an economic analyst for the television network CNBC. She recently founded, a fintech company to manage financial assets.

@cgledhill 40,600 followers

The former Innovation Technologist for Digital Banking at Lloyds, Chris Gredhill founded Secco in 2015 – an original startup based in London that aims to monetize the social reputation of its users, mixing fintech with social networks. Gredhill’s social network profile is somewhat more informal that the others on this list.

@annairrera 11,200 followers

Not everyone on this list is Anglo Saxon. The Italian Anna Irrera is one of the most respected journalists in the sector. She follows the fintech sector from New York for news agency Reuters. She previously held a similar role at Financial News, a Dow Jones publication based in London.

@SpirosMargaris 15,500 followers

Spiros Margaris, the former top executive in the private banking and hedge fund industry, today is considered a leader in a division of the fintech sector: insurtech, the technological disruption of the insurance industry. His recommendation for entrepreneurs who want to conquer this new market is striking: not everything about the way traditional insurance companies operate is bad. Insurtech companies have to adapt many of these methodologies to offer a new product that may not necessarily be revolutionary.

@JimMarous 22,900 followers

Jim Marous is proof that it’s possible to be over 60 and a fintech leader.  He owns the Digital Banking Report (previously known as the Online Banking Report), which is published nine times a year by subscription, and is the co-editor The Financial Brand, an online publication focusing on strategic and marketing issues in the fintech world.

@devie_mohan 21,100 followers

After starting her career in IBM and Ericsson, Devie Mohan is now a member of the Hande Finmaker Advisory Board - an organization that promotes fintech firms in Shenzhen, China - an advisor for ING and she is currently trying to introduce the Berlin-based startup FinLeap in the U.K. She also created her own consulting firm, Bunmark, just four months ago to offer analysis services for the fintech industry.

@Chris_Skinner 33,300 followers

Chris Skinner is a speaker, adviser and author of two successful books on the banking industry’s digital revolution - Digital Bank and Value Web. His tweets are almost exclusively focused on fintech and he has one of the most popular accounts among those interested in the future of finance.