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Environment 16 Dec 2020

Garanti BBVA earns spot in the ‘A List’ of CDP’s Climate Change Program

Garanti BBVA has been included in the CDP’s Global ‘A List’ thanks to its successful work raising awareness and managing environmental risks.

Thanks to its innovative research and practices implemented to promote sustainable development, Garanti BBVA has rightfully claimed a place in the A List of CDP’s Climate Change Program. CDP is the world’s largest environmental reporting platform. The listing includes the companies leading the way towards a more sustainable future, globally.

On the occasion of this achievement, Garanti BBVA Executive Vice President Ebru Dildar Edin explained that “we’ve been working for almost 15 years in the fields of sustainable development and finances. And this effort has helped us make progress in banking decisions and in our understanding of sustainable products and services.”

We prepare public and transparent reports, which we publish in the sustainability website every year

Garanti BBVA was one of the first banks to take action following CDP’s call for climate change transparency to the business world in 2009, and has been reporting transparently to CDP's water program since 2015. “We prepare public and transparent reports, which we publish in the sustainability website every year,” said Dildar Edin.

Garanti BBVA against climate change

The bank has implemented a number of initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of its own activities, and rolled out innovative solutions to encourage customers to adopt more sustainable business models. “Garanti BBVA is committed to contribute to Turkey’s fight against climate change and will continue bringing value in the economic transition,” said the executive.

Also, in recent months, Garanti BBVA announced its goal to cut carbon emissions by 29 percent by 2025 and 71 percent by 2035, in line with the Science Based Target Initiative an which is promoted by the CDP.