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Sustainability 01 Oct 2019

Garanti BBVA headquarters receive LEED Platinum Certificate

Garanti BBVA has been awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certificate for the overall sustainability of its headquarters building in Istanbul. It is the only bank in Turkey to have received such recognition, which is one of the most rigorous green building rating systems in the world, developed by the American Council of Green Buildings (USGBC).

As a leader in sustainable banking in Turkey, Garanti BBVA’s commitment is reflected in the diverse and innovative range of sustainable solutions it offers its customers. This same commitment is reflected in the emphasis the bank places on encouraging sustainable building design.

By following an approach that prioritizes sustainable construction and business principles, Garanti BBVA has become the only bank in Turkey to be awarded the Platinum Certificate, the highest LEED certification, which serves to endorse the bank’s adoption of an international standard that promotes healthier, environmentally friendly, energy-saving buildings.

As of 2018, Turkey ranks sixth in LEED certifications behind China, Canada, India, Brazil and South Korea. BBVA Garanti adds to Turkey’s clout in the area of sustainable buildings, not only with its headquarters building, but also with the bank’s Kızılay Branch, which is one of 16 Platinum-certified buildings under the “new construction” category in Turkey; it is also Turkey’s only bank building in this category.

Other Garanti BBVA LEED Certified buildings include Garanti BBVA Pendik Technology Center (LEED Gold), Garanti BBVA Sivas Call Center (LEED Gold), and Garanti BBVA Karsiyaka Izmir Building (LEED Gold).

Data Center Garanti BBVA 2019

Garanti BBVA's data center in Pendik also boasts a LEED certification (Gold).

BBVA Group has similar LEED certifications across its footprint. Examples include the BBVA Tower in Mexico City, which received the platinum certification in 2019; the BBVA Group headquarters in Madrid, which earned gold certification in 2016 for its environmentally-friendly design, and the BBVA Tower in Argentina, which also received its gold certification in December 2017.

Garanti BBVA has embraced sustainable development and has been developing products and services to this end for the last 15 years. Its long history with sustainability is borne out by the fact that it was the first bank in Turkey to adopt paperless banking and the first to offer Europe’s Environmentally Friendly Bonus card. Furthermore, since 2018, the bank has launched 34 different products and services that boost sustainability, ranging from products that encourage customers to build their savings to environmentally-friendly products like the Green Mortgage.

Other examples from its portfolio of sustainable solutions include Environmental Vehicle Loans that finance electric and hybrid automobiles and the Sustainability Fund for Garanti BBVA Pensions — a first in Turkey. It is also continuing to invest in the digital revolution, which comes with the advantage for the environment of a reduced number of visits to branch offices. The bank’s reforesting programs helps offset the potential environmental impacts of its business activity.

As of last year, Garanti BBVA had invested in three solar power plants, and aims to set an example for all investors, especially in the service sector, by using electricity generated by these plants for its day-to-day operations.