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Podcast: "They bought into the (moon) mission"


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Polaris - better known as the North Star - is famous for being a still, unmoving beacon in the Earth's sky while the entire northern sky moves all around it.

It's located nearly at the north celestial pole and it always marks the way due north. Once you discover it, you'll know the direction north. Even when the moon is full and it obscures other stars that dot the sky, the North Star is still easy to see. You'll know where you're going.

Much like the north star, a person's values can guide and direct them to where they want to go in life. They are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. Much like the north star, values can help you find your way to a better place. That's why BBVA celebrates Values Day - and celebrated its second-annual Values Day on October 2. Over the course of the day, bank employees participated in workshops and activities that reinforced the central pillars underpinning the bank’s mission, “to bring the age of opportunity to everyone.”

Getting people to buy into the company mission is an amazing feat an organization must accomplish. It is not only possible - but essential.

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