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BBVA Podcast Updated: 08 Sep 2018

BBVA launches podcast channel to broaden the reach of its owned content

BBVA-owned content be available through a number of channels, including iVoox, Apple podcasts, and BBVA's social media profiles. BBVA's first proposal for the new channel is Blink, a weekly program offering practical information on personal finance, fintech solutions, work methodologies and tips to help users make the best financial decisions.


Generating owned content and distributing it to target audiences has been one of the objectives of BBVA's Communications team since 2016. With the launch of the Podcast BBVA, the Group has taken another step towards publishing useful, clear and easy to share information.

According to BBVA’s Global Head of Communication Strategy Nacho Jiménez Soler, “the launch of the podcast channel is the first step in the development of spoken content to complement the group’s strategy of developing its own voice.” In 2017, in the US, advertising revenue in podcast channels grew 85%, topping $220 million, according to the latest report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

The new BBVA podcast channel will be developed entirely by the BBVA Communications team. The first program will be hosted by Reyes Pariente, Pablo Arqued and Lartaun de AzumendiFernando Morales, chief editor of, will be responsible for general coordination. The group’s website,, is BBVA's main global content channel.


From left to rigth: Fernando Morales, Lartaun de Azumendi, César Sanz Martín, Reyes Pariente y Antonio Arenas Calero.

The following episodes of Blink are already available: Episode 1: Digital Leadership and Pension Plans; Episode 2: Smart Consumption and Agile Methodology; Episode 3: Millennials & Techno-addiction; Episode 4: Blockchain and “soft skills”; Episode 5: The economic milestones of 2018 and ‘design thinking’; Episode 6: After-Christmas sales are here, and What is PSD2?

“The consumption of content and information via podcast will be one of the top trends in communications in the coming years, together with widespread adoption of voice assistants. Competition for traffic is going to intensify. Businesses and organizations will need to develop their own strategies to increase their share of attention. According to Edison Research, 31% of the population aged 12 or above in the US follow their favorite brands through social media. This percentage rises to 48% in the case of those that also consume content via podcast.

In 2017, podcast consumption accounted for 7% of the total time spent worldwide consuming audio content. The main age group consuming information and content in podcast format is the 18-35 age bracket, with significant growth throughout 2017 in the 36-54 age group.

In general terms, podcast consumption increased 24% in 2017. Of this 24% growth, 56% was generated by men and 44% by women. Regarding place of consumption, 51% of people listen to podcasts at home or while exercising, 25% while driving or using public transportation. In short, podcasts are becoming the go-to channel for users when they cannot interact with a display or while performing another task that also requires their attention.

BBVA will deploy different content lines throughout 2018, which can be followed through the following platforms:, iVoox, Apple, Android App, Microsoft Windows App, Network App Listing, Spotify, Web PLayer and through BBVA Group social media channels. In the months to came, BBVA PODCAST will also have its own content in English.