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BBVA Podcast Updated: 28 Feb 2019

BBVA USA explores the country’s sharpest minds in The Mind Bank, BBVA’s first English podcast

BBVA has reached a new milestone in the world of podcasting, as it has launched its first English podcast, known as The Mind Bank by BBVA USA.

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In recent years, the bank and its U.S. operations have brought exclusive and unique information to people by hosting a series client forums, held in various markets across its footprint. These events included best practices in cybersecurity from noted hacker and consultant Kevin Mitnick, information on how to innovate and share knowledge in the digital age from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and the intricacies of groundbreaking entrepreneurship from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

With The Mind Bank, BBVA USA will bring similar insights from some of the sharpest minds across the United States - all at the click of a mouse and right to your device’s audio system. The topics will come from various areas and will cover different perspectives on issues that surround everyday life and a changing digital environment. The Mind Bank is a way to create opportunities for listeners to dive head-first into intellectual, thought-provoking, and high-level perspectives.

Spanish podcast

This new program joins “Blink”, BBVA’s first weekly podcast, which provides practical information about personal finances, fintech solutions, work methodologies, and advice to help its listeners make better financial decisions; Aprendemos Juntos”, which takes BBVA’s successful collaboration with Spain’s leading newspaper, El País, and educational group Santillana, and puts into audio format the initiative that seeks improving lives through education; Deep Talks”, an in-depth interview with people who have had a transforming impact on their environment; and Data Historias”, which educates its listeners about the importance of data, and how it is used to improve and better understand the world in which we live. Without forgetting about ‘Acentos’ where aspects about digital transformation, the economy, financial education and much more are examined in depth, all in relation to Latin America.

You all BBVA Podcast and on the following platforms: iVoox, iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast and in

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