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Corporate governance Updated: 08 Sep 2018

The compliance officer: a key role in corporate transparency

BBVA took part in the first seminar organized by the Institute of Compliance Officers (IOC).  Executives of Spanish multinationals addressed the main challenges facing the profession in applying current regulations within a company. They underscored the fundamental role of the compliance officer in companies committed to transparency and good corporate governance.

Antonio del Campo, chairman of the IOC and BBVA’s global head of compliance, explained the importance of the role of the compliance officer in the financial sector. In his opinion, the profession is in increasing demand by regulators, supervisors and organizations as the guarantor of compliance with regulations and laws. It also serves society through prevention, detection and as a deterrent against fraud, while fostering transparency and good corporate governance.

A series of key actions for the further development of the profession emerged from the seminar, such as the creation of working groups and a training program tailored for compliance professionals.

The event was attended by managers of multinational companies such as Manuel Crespo de la Mata, director of compliance at Telefónica, and David Mestre, who has the same role at Gas Natural Fenosa, among others.


Comite Dirección IOC

Executive Committee of the Institute of Compliance Officers

The Institute of Compliance Officers (IOC) is a non-profit association whose main aim is to advance the development of a profession that helps safeguard transparency in the markets and defends the interests of shareholders, clients and other interest groups. Its main goals include promoting the profession of the compliance officer as a key element in good corporate governance and the development of active policies on regulatory compliance.