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Corporate information 30 Nov 2023

BBVA now has 240,000 customers in Italy, just two years after launching in the country

BBVA Italy has now surpassed 240,000 customers since its launch in October 2021. The bank's strategy, based on a range of fee-free products for customers' day-to-day business (account and card) and financing and savings products at very competitive prices, is yielding results. These figures confirm that the bank is on track to achieve its year-end target of 320,000 customers.

BBVA alcanza en Italia 240.000 clientes, a punto de cumplir dos años de su llegada al país

BBVA has built a strong position among Italian customers. The bank's digital approach was recently honored by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Italy with the "Spain-Italy Chamber of Commerce Award for Innovation and Digital Transformation" at its 16th annual awards ceremony.

After just a year and a half of landing in the country, BBVA has positioned itself among the top five financial institutions in the country, according to the annual ranking World’s Best Banks by Forbes and Statista. Specifically, BBVA ranks as the fourth best bank in Italy, ahead of many traditional and native banks in the country. Digital services and customer support were the most highly rated criteria among respondents.

The quality rating of its 24/7 customer service exceeds 55 percent NPS (Net Promote Score), and the user experience of its app has been at the top of the App Stores since its launch, with a rating of 4.8 on iOS and 4.7 on Android.

Most popular products

The products most in demand by Italian customers include the Stipendio in Anticipo, which lets you request a salary advance of up to 1,500 euros, and which is totally free if the customer advances the salary up to 5 days; the Prestito Immediato, a personal loan that can be taken out online in just a few clicks or the Pay&Plan, which makes it possible to split payments of up to 1,500 euros. Overall, nearly 9,000 customers have requested these services.

To reward customer loyalty, the bank has increased the return on its Deposito Flessibile since June 1. The bank has also begun to pay interest on the balance of the Conto Corrente BBVA, which is a "zero spese per sempre" account and includes a free Carta di Debito BBVA, making it a very attractive choice in the Italian market.

In addition, BBVA recently launched My Trips, a tool that allows you to financially plan a trip before it takes place, keep track of expenses and even add trips already taken after four months. This functionality, which is unique in the Italian market, automatically bundles and categorizes all expenses connected with the trip and allows the customer, if they wish, to digitally purchase a personalized insurance policy through Allianz Partners.

BBVA users who use My Trips will also have benefits such as free foreign currency payments. In addition, tied to the travel insurance, customers can enjoy 5 percent cashback during the trip and commission-free cash withdrawals above 100 euros, not only in the euro zone.