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06 Feb 2019

27 Oct 2016


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Following the publication of the third quarter results, BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila said today that the Group hit an important milestone in capital generation: a CET1 fully-loaded capital ratio of 11%, a goal originally set for 2017. “We have had solid growth in recurring revenues, cost control and stability in risk indicators,” he indicated prior to the press conference with Spanish media.

-Income: Positive trends in recurring revenues (NII plus fees and commissions) continued between January and September, boosting gross income to €18.43 billion (+5.1% y-o-y)

-Risks: The Group's NPL ratio remained stable and stood at 5.1% at the end of September, the same level as in December 2012, while the coverage ratio was 72%

-Capital: BBVA achieved its 2017 capital goal ahead of schedule. The fully-loaded CET1 ratio stood at 11%, with a capital generation of 29 basis points in the quarter

-Transformation: BBVA’s digital customer base stood at 17.2 million (+20% in the past year). Of these, 11 million are mobile customers (+41%)

The BBVA Group earned €2.8 billion between January and September 2016, up 64.3% from the same period a year earlier. Stripping out the impact of corporate operations and currency fluctuations, growth reached 15.0%. Net attributable profit rose to €965 million in the third quarter.

31 Aug 2016

More than 2 billion adults are excluded from the formal financial system, according to the Universal Financial Access 2020 report by the World Bank.

The challenge is to ensure that by 2020 adults around the world will have access to a checking account or an electronic service to save their money and send and receive payments. This goal is behind the boom in financial inclusion strategies, which are increasingly making use of technology and the services provided by the so-called technological finance (fintech).

30 Mar 2016

30 Oct 2015

18 May 2015