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Customer experience 10 Mar 2021

Garanti BBVA Breaks New Ground Sharing its Commitments to Society in Integrated Annual Report 2020

Placing the core values of its corporate culture at the heart of its banking activities, Garanti BBVA issued its Integrated Annual Report 2020 with the concept "The Meaning We Attach to Words". Integrating the real life reflections of its commitments to the society alongside economic indicators in its legal annual reporting, Garanti BBVA also describes the sustainability principles it has implemented in the process.


In the report, a group of 50 individuals ranging from Garanti BBVA Board members to senior management, executives from subsidiaries to directors of business lines, region and branch managers share what all these words mean for them, and the commitments they make.

They express as video messages what the words trust, pioneer, sustainability, responsibility, agility, success, digitalization, experience, empathy and transparency signify for both Garanti BBVA and themselves, how they bring these words into life in their respective lines of business, and the value they create by honoring their commitments. In so doing, Garanti BBVA adds a new dimension to corporate reporting, recording another first globally.

As a first in Turkey, Garanti BBVA Integrated Annual Report 2020 web site visitors are able to quickly access the report contents through the Digital Report Assistant, a dialogue-based AI solution. The Digital Report Assistant responds to visitors’ questions both in Turkish and English, and enhances the overall report experience. The Report and the video recordings are accessible at

Commenting on the topic, Garanti BBVA’s CEO Recep Baştuğ said, “we concluded the year 2020 successfully overcoming the uncertainties especially during the pandemic and created responsible and sustainable value”. The bank has supported its customers by facilitating their lives, ensuring their financial health, empowering them to make the right financial decisions, digitalize and grow their businesses sustainably.

Garanti-Turquía-Informe Anual Integrado 2020

“Presenting our 2020 performance in this extraordinary year for all of us, we distinguished our Integrated Annual Report by putting the words alongside numbers, data, ratios and analyses that are at the core of the finance and banking industry, and tried to explain what these words mean to our Bank”, added Recep Baştuğ.

As set forth in this review, the words trust, pioneer, sustainability, responsibility, agility, success, digitalization, experience, empathy and transparency are not just words, but are the core of Garanti´s BBVA behavior, which strengthen the bank´s 75-year history. “We know that in banking, our word is our bond. Delivering our commitments, being an institution of our word, is the foundation of Garanti BBVA’s existence.

"The meanings we attribute to our activities and attach to our words guided us in this journey”, Recep Baştuğ explained. Particularly in 2020, under the impact of the pandemic, Garanti BBVA experienced and deeply felt the meaning of the word together with all the stakeholders. Garanti BBVA worked tirelessly as one team to keep the meaning of the word alive.

“Going forward, we will continue to improve our business model constantly, understand evolving customer needs and expectations, cater to them rapidly, empower our employees, prioritize the benefit of society at all times, and bring the age of opportunity to everyone.”, Baştuğ concluded.