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Energy Efficiency

05 Jun 2023

BBVA has built a new advisory tool into its app. With the help of strategic partners, the app now provides personalized guidance on how to lower energy consumption by installing solar panels in family homes. This functionality enables bank customers to see an estimate of how much they could save on their electricity bill thanks to self-consumption, without having to enter any data if they already have their home registered and their electricity bill settled by direct debit. In addition, the solution shows the estimated cost if solar panels are installed, the number of panels required for savings, the investment required, the option of ordering them digitally from the bank's energy partner through a turnkey service, and terms for access to BBVA credit. In the first quarter of 2023, the bank funded nearly 4,000 installations, which represents growth of 67 percent compared to the same period last year.

09 Jul 2021

BBVA has signed a partnership agreement with Acciona to inform, advise and finance projects for energy efficiency upgrades in buildings. The aim is to reduce the electricity bills (by using less energy) and the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of Spanish buildings, some of the most energy obsolete in Europe. In the first stage of this service, BBVA will contact almost 3,000 home owners in Spain to promote energy efficiency.

14 Jun 2021

BBVA has entered into a collaboration agreement with energy services firm Stratenergy in Spain to accompany companies in the transition to a sustainable model. As part of this initiative, the bank will offer funding to contribute to energy efficiency improvements. The ultimate aim is to promote the implementation of projects that help to enhance savings by consuming less energy and decreasing their environmental impact.

13 Apr 2021

BBVA Chairman Carlos Torres Vila stressed today that the energy transition poses a great opportunity because many existing activities will see enormous growth as new activities will emerge. “Spain has a competitive advantage in the energy transition,” he said. “We have the natural resource - the new oil, which is the sun and the wind,” he added during his presentation on the second day of Wake up Spain, the energy transition symposium organized by El Español, Invertia and D+I.

25 Sep 2020

21 Nov 2019

Industry and institutions consider the Internet of things an opportunity for the present and the future that will digitize many operations and bring tremendous benefits. But it also has the ability to help combat climate change and protect the environment. This is how the Internet of Things could impact the sustainability of the planet in different areas, such as water use and energy efficiency.

09 Oct 2019

Energy savings at BBVA’s headquarters is 5,766,731 kWh a year, equivalent to the consumption of 1,900 households. This equals 12 to 15 percent less than when the complex was inaugurated in 2015 and a 1,430-metric ton per year reduction of CO2 emissions. The building’s sustainable design and equipment are not solely responsible for this success: tools powered by artificial intelligence have also been used to optimize the bank's energy use.

02 Nov 2018

28 Jun 2018

Scattered across BBVA City, there are over 50,000 sensors measuring everything from temperature and humidity, to brightness and motion. They were installed to ensure the proper running order of the facilities and employee comfort, but the engineers managing the building have found other ways of harnessing their capabilities to their full potential. By developing several algorithms capable of factoring in the readings they provide and additional data from external sources, they were able to achieve energy savings equivalent to the annual consumption of 200 households.