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Loans Updated: 21 Nov 2017

Travel around your home planet with Express Personal Loan

A few weeks ago, scientists discovered close-by a planet the size of Earth that possibly could sustain life. In fact, according to reports, the newly-found world, known as Ross 128 b, is 11 light-years away – a small road trip in the cosmic universe – and is set to become a familiar neighbor in the future.

The planet orbits a red dwarf star that offers a relatively docile temperature that could make Ross 128 b conducive to alien life. Science fiction and extraterrestrial aficionados can rejoice in knowing about this new possibility.

Let’s be honest, though. That distance is still way too far away for human beings to travel.

Let’s be even more honest. Most of us haven’t had the chance to explore our own planet and the sights and experiences it has to offer.

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Here is how you can explore Planet Earth by using @BBVACompass’ Express Personal Loan

So while scientists do a little more digging and figure out how, when or if this planet can sustain life – here is how you can explore Planet Earth using BBVA Compass’ Express Personal Loan. Maybe this can be applied to Ross 128 b one day.

Live long and travel.

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