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Montse Guiu

05 Sep 2017

18 Jul 2017

04 Jul 2017

23 Jun 2017

09 Jun 2017

05 Jun 2017

02 Jun 2017

BBVA has made design a strategic function within the organization. Digital banking and the development of latest-generation digital products and services  have made financial services evolve towards a new model – one that is closer, more humane and focused on the customer.

17 May 2017

The blockchain continues to advance by exploring new usages and business models. Three experts – Oliver Díaz of BBVA, Montserrat Guardia of Banc Sabadell, and Roberto García Mora of Santander – have analysed its “Revolution Banking” possibilities.

11 May 2017

Free Wi-Fi, reservations by mobile phone or requesting a massage via WhatsApp. Travelers today are digital and hotels cannot ignore the needs of their guests – even though new concepts are appearing where disconnecting is in vogue, such as Digital Detox. Modern travelers can choose the option that best suits their needs.