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Nelson Antonio Alvarado Jourde

16 Jun 2017

BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila saw the BBVA Microfinance Foundation’s (FMBBVA) work in Peru first-hand through Financiera Confianza. To do so, he went to one of the most underprivileged  places in Lima, where he visited with several entrepreneurs – all women – who have found an opportunity to improve their quality of live and contribute to the economic development of their family and community thanks to microcredit.

10 Jun 2016

07 Jun 2016

Now that the fourth consecutive presidential election in Peru (a milestone in the country’s republican history) has finished, the message to the world is one of democracy and political and macroeconomic stability. From this foundation of respect for the rule of law, Peru becomes an obvious investment opportunity for national and international private sectors. In addition, it makes it possible to strengthen the role of institutions such as BBVA Continental – from its robust position in the financial system it helps Peru’s sustainable development.

28 Mar 2016

A new concept of branch office has been implemented in Peru, enabling thousands of customers to enjoy a completely different experience when carrying out their transactions at the branches. The initiative, called Radio BBVA, has not only created a pleasant and different atmosphere in the work space, but also contributes to enhance the quality of service and drive the dissemination of Peruvian music.

12 Feb 2016

Nineteen candidates will compete in the first round of the presidential elections in Peru on April 10, which reflects the multiparty nature of the Peruvian political system. Who are the favorites?

05 Feb 2016