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Customer experience 31 Jan 2018

BBVA Compass and Christie’s kick off 2018 in Houston

BBVA Compass’ longstanding relationship with Christie’s Auction House will hit another year when the first event of 2018 will be held in Houston on January 31.

Image of BBVA Global Wealth partners The Fine Art Group

The event will feature jewelry for invited BBVA Compass Global Wealth clients, who are the usual attendees at events held throughout the bank’s footprint. Clients will also be treated to information from a Christie’s expert and a private reception held at the bank’s River Oaks office, a global wealth hub for the market’s operations.

Originally teaming up in 2013, the bank and the auction house have joined to bring rare works of art, jewelry, wine, and other showings to BBVA Compass clients, showcasing the bank’s commitment to a unique client experience.  Over 20 cities have been reached by these events, including Houston, Birmingham, Denver, Miami and New York.

We’re going five years strong with Christie’s, and we don’t just team with them to do these showcases

“We’re going five years strong with Christie’s, and we don’t just team with them to do these showcases,” said BBVA Compass Global Wealth Executive Giampaolo Consigliere. “We invite our top clients to these events so they can have access to expert advice from Christie’s on the value of their own unique assets and family treasures. We combine the Christie’s expertise around valuable items and the BBVA Compass expertise around asset management to bring a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s truly been beneficial to our clients.”

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