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BBVA presents its new people management model

BBVA’s new people management model aims to turn employees into the stars of their own professional careers, helping them take over the roles and functions they are best suited to within the organization, while offering them the tools they need to grow and develop professionally.

With this paradigm shift, BBVA wants to make employees more committed and engaged with its new corporate purpose – “To bring the age of opportunities to everyone”— and to offer them more chances to fulfill their personal aspirations in terms of training and development. It also aims to promote workplace mobility between BBVA’s different areas, to make it easier to find new professional opportunities.

“It is a model based on transparency, and one through which we want to offer you all the platforms, content and services you need, in order to realize your full potential. We are convinced that our team’s professional growth and commitment are crucial to our success,” said Ricardo Forcano, Global Head of Talent and Culture of the Bank.

The implementation of this new model also entails the use of new technology platforms and data management capabilities that the group will deploy in 2018.

The following video provides further details about this new model, which prioritizes in-house talent, but also aims to attract professionals from emerging disciplines, such as designers, data scientists, experts in cybersecurity or certain programming languages.

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