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30 Jul 2019

28 Jun 2019


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For a challenge as big as a global brand identity change, campaign coordination and monitoring via social networks is key to ensuring that everyone, customers and non-customers alike, receives all information at this crucial time in a company’s life. This is how BBVA did it.

26 Jun 2019

21 Jun 2019

BBVA is at a pivotal point of digital transformation bringing the age of opportunity to everyone. This deserves an identity that reflects our commitment to innovation, our unified position in the marketplace, and the promise we offer to our customers.

18 Jun 2019

Some of the biggest secrets in business are known to just a handful of people. Think of the recipes for Coca-Cola, or the KFC coating, or the ingredients in WD-40. But when it comes to secretly planning to change the brand for an entire business – and swapping out tens of thousands of physical and digital logos in the process – letting only a few people in on the secret is never going to be enough.

13 Jun 2019

It was no easy task: to evolve (or revolutionize) BBVA’s logo so that it reflects the Group’s transformation.  The result was just revealed in all countries where BBVA operates. Imanol, Brian and Blanca are three of the designers who – from their area of expertise – participated in this historic project that makes BBVA’s new identity a reality.