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Technology Updated: 22 Aug 2017

Democratizing communications

The Mexican company Sisoft is a startup that focuses on technological innovation and developing custom software. It develops technology and patents based on different electronic and physical theories. This is done through a group of teams that develops solutions like Li-Fi, vision systems for people who cannot see and robotic hands.

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This is hard work because "technology is very difficult to do in Mexico," said Arturo Campos, entrepreneur and founding partner of Sisoft.  The entrepreneur explains the problems his startup has faced since it was established, "We concluded that Mexico has major Internet connection problems; therefore, we investigated how physical and electronic principles could help us solve the transmission and saw that light was a possibility. However, every project needs a huge investment in financial and human resources to see light. Therefore application development activity helps us to move forward."

So with the release of its recent development, Sisoft will see a return on investment and also seek to become an industry standard. Through Li-Fi, it is possible to set up any signal and be sent and received without packet loss, with more data solvency. All this is performed via visible light, reaching a petabyte per second (PBPs) of transmission, depending on the purity of the LED transmitter. "So we came to democratize communications," pointed out Campos.

Li-Fi connection

Currently, the Li-Fi connection kit marketed by Sisoft costs 2,300 pesos, but the price will be lowered as it is adopted in the market and they seek to include dealers as a distribution channel to reach the mass market. Vis-à-vis other Li-Fi projects developed outside Mexico, Arturo Campos explains that these are still being researched and their light bulbs are the size of an engine light, compared with the Sisoft version that is the size of a desk lamp.

"The Li-Fi connection is also very secure as it can't be hacked yet. Construction companies and hotels are our top customers and they are very happy. As Wi-Fi networks no longer have much future, bandwidth will soon run out," the interviewee explained.

One of the major obstacles that the entrepreneur mentioned is Mexican ideology itself “Our culture has no vision. Innovation occurs in first-world countries, an example of this is CERN that is located in the territory between France and Switzerland. We have found support in INADEM, but it took a little longer as we asked for its support two years ago. We got a score of 9.9 on its system. Therefore in the near future we will seek to operate from the United Kingdom," concludes the Sisoft partner.