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Science and technology Updated: 22 Aug 2017

Fintech is targeting the millennials

The millennials are one of the biggest generations in history in demographic terms and their consumer habits are very different from those of their ancestors.


Most financial institutions are following very closely the way in which this generation manages its money. This computer graphic published by Goldman Sachs shows the consumer habits of the millennials, particularly in terms of finance and housing.


Now, the new Fintech companies consider that this generation is a key element to success. These new startups have a very diverse offering, from consultancy apps to innovative lending companies.

Most Fintech companies that are now emerging leverage the most popular technologies among this generation. They also rely on crowdfunding platforms to obtain funding.

One of these startups is HelloDigit, which enables users to make transfers through messages and analyzes their expenses, among other things.

Robin Hood is another example of a fintech startup, which allows its users to access stock exchange prices or conduct transactions with different stocks with no fees, in real time.