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Five keys to optimize your investments with BBVA Trader

The markets have an endless supply of opportunities. Every investor’s dream is to know how to identify and take advantage of them. In order to do so,  real-time information on everything taking place in the stock market and access to the analyses of different experts is paramount. If you also have useful tools to design an investment strategy, multiply it at no additional cost, and manage the risks, it is much easier to make the right decision. All of this is possible with BBVA Trader, the trading platform for customers and non-customers.

BBVA Trader users can do everything from check information in real time to use multiple tools to design the best strategy for their needs.

Checking the stock market in real time

In the markets, one minute can change everything. That’s why it’s essential to have access to information in real-time when making an investment. BBVA Trader gives users access to available quotations with a lag time of 15 minutes. But it also offers the possibility of checking them via streaming, depending on the rate selected. The platform also has real-time graphs and data on market depth and the latest cross prices and volume.

Access to reports by experts and independent analysts

Where is the best place to invest my money? This is one of the questions any investor has asked at some point. In order to make the best decision, apart from checking stock market information in real time, it is also recommended to be well informed and consult independent analysts.

BBVA Trader publishes the most relevant data on everything that occurs in the markets, as well as reports written by independent experts. These documents include recommendations and target prices for both Ibex securities as well as small and mid-sized firms. They also include company valuations, their profit, capitalization and latest results as well as analyses of currencies, interest rates and the macroeconomic situation in general.

Designing an investment strategy to fit your needs

After checking the information in real time and reading expert reports, it’s time to design an investment strategy. Each user should develop a strategy that meets their needs. BBVA Trader supports you in this process and allows you to consult different analysts to get their opinion of the possible strategies, offering a variety of tools to help optimize your investments.

Users can also customize their transactions through interactive graphs that allow them to combine or compare securities that interest them. It is possible to include more than 60 different indicators and compare the behavior of up to five securities in the same graph. The platform can create everything from simple bar charts to the latest indicators like Ichimoku or Heikin-Ashi. Another tool makes it possible to find securities using over 30 filters for location, sector or profitability. In addition, BBVA Trader has a warrants calculator that allows users to simulate different scenarios in order to find the best securities to invest in based on their criteria.

Managing the risk associated with trading

Managing risk is one of the most important factors when it comes to any kind of trading activity. BBVA Trader has several useful tools to help users in this respect. For example, a risk management platform to manage exposure to the different assets in your portfolio, and be aware of the risk profile of each of them. Real-time monitoring also allows you to keep track of the risk at any time of day and react to the changes. The platform can also monitor leveraged positions and alert users of any situations of risk for your portfolio.

Multiplying the investment at no additional cost

The leveraged intraday trading service for certain BBVA Trader shares and futures allows users to multiply their investment at no additional cost, or diversify their portfolio. In other words, orders for certain financial instruments can be placed without charging or blocking your account for 100 percent of the investment. This way it is possible to pay a smaller amount upfront and use the portfolio as collateral, allowing users to increase their buying power in the market.

An transaction’s profitability multiplies whenever money is earned money, but losses also multiply if investors lose money. This option, which can be useful to investors accustomed to speculative intraday trading and high risk financial instruments, requires constant monitoring of the investments made.