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BBVA reinvents software development with ONE

ONE is the new software development culture at BBVA. Thanks to this initiative, over 15,000 developers will work in a more coordinated, collaborative manner, sharing best practices at the bank and in the industry with the goal of creating solutions that best meet customers’ needs.

BBVA reinventa el desarrollo de software con ONE
Maribel Muñoz (BBVA Creative)

BBVA’s new ONE culture puts developers at the heart of Engineering activities. “We have set out to build an atmosphere of continuous improvement, enhancing software developers’ experience and thus having a greater impact on our customers,” said José Luis Elechiguerra, Global Head of Engineering at BBVA.

For Francisco Leyva, Global Head of the Engineering Software Development unit at BBVA, the goal is to “become the most powerful software development team in the financial industry, and we will accomplish this with ONE.”


Jose M. Villa, Victoria Ustrekhova, José Luis Elechiguerra, Raquel Martín, Alfredo Aragües and Francisco Leyva

This project, conceived for and by developers through co-creation, simplifies, strengthens and homogenizes the Group’s software development processes and tools. This enables the creation of a more collaborative atmosphere, where knowledge is available throughout the entire organization; better synergies to grow in a community of 15,000 offshore developers and have a greater impact on the solutions that BBVA offers its customers.

Thanks to ONE, “there will be an increase in productivity, improvement in delivery times, greater quality and security of the components, but above all, an increase in satisfaction among engineers, who will be able to focus their efforts and attention on creative and innovative tasks,” said the Global Head of the Software Development unit at BBVA.

The essence of this transformation is creating a unified software development methodology for the entire Group, thus increasing effectiveness and facilitating learning.  In this new environment, best practices from each country and business area will be shared through a set of guides, known as ‘playbooks’ that will lay out recommendations for each stage of development of a new BBVA product or service.

Therefore, apart from changing the way things are done, ONE promotes a change in culture around the way to collaborate, building an environment of continuous improvement and training to improve the experience of developers and having a greater impact on customers and users.

Transformation of the software process

The transformation of the software development process is one of the main strategic missions of BBVA’s Engineering Area, as it is very relevant in terms of productivity, quality, delivery times and security. Therefore, it is one of the main drivers the area has to create value for the business and for customers.

ONE makes it possible to accelerate this short-term mission, putting the developer in the center, increasing their responsibility from beginning to end throughout the entire development cycle, simplifying the processes and improving the tools. In other words, with ONE, the optimization and democratization of the  development life cycle to which the financial industry can aspire is achieved.