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Cybersecurity 30 Nov 2018

International Computer Security Day: Protect your professional and personal data

Friday November 30 is International Computer Security Day (ICSD), a day that aims to raise awareness and remind society about the importance of protecting both company and personal computer resources in order to prevent the misuse of financial and personal data, and even identity theft.

This observance was inaugurated in 1988 on the heels of the first case of malware, known as the Morris Worm, which on November 2 of the same year took down 10 percent of the computers that were connected to ARPANET, the predecessor to the Internet. This incident, combined with the growing use of computers in the workplace in both the public and private sectors, brought to light the risks that could potentially threaten sensitive information.

Increasing concern among businesses about the possible consequences of data leaks gave rise to the creation of International Computer Security Day, established on November 30. The day was founded with the goal of raising awareness among both businesses and individuals and to remind them in the upcoming year of the growing importance of adopting good practices that contribute to the protection of data.

The employee, the front line of defense

With time, ICSD has taken on greater importance. And as technology and data management evolves within businesses, so should the level of awareness of employees. They bear the responsibility of being the first line of defense when protecting data.

If we are able to protect data in our homes, we’ll be able to transfer these good practices to the work environment

In today’s age, data has become a company’s principal asset. It is therefore crucial to guarantee its security, ensuring against business activity disruption by protecting against possible breaches, whether caused by attacks, negligence or simple bad habits. In addition, adopting effective cybersecurity policies helps to maintain a business’ corporate image and external reputation.

The line between personal and business

More and more companies have become acutely aware of the importance of their data and have joined the observance of International Computer Security Day, taking advantage of the day to schedule awareness training and other activities, all with the common goal of effectively relaying the important role employees play in the protection of data. The intention is to instill good habits to ensure the security of data handled by a company's employees.

Mobile devices and cloud based tools have blurred the boundaries that once existed between the workplace and home. Consequently, recent ICSD awareness-raising campaigns no longer limit their focus on the workplace. They are now also targeting personal lives: if we are able to protect data in our homes, we’ll be able to transfer these good practices to the work environment.

BBVA is mindful of the importance of data security and protection awareness, and so it will celebrate another year of International Computer Security Day by inviting all the Group's employees to participate in the day's events. Among the activities making up the campaign will be roundtable discussions, family workshops, interactive games and animated videos that assist in a more dynamic assimilation of good computer security practices. So, start the new year by being aware of the important role that we as individuals play in protecting one of our most important assets: data.