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Technology> APPs Updated: 21 Aug 2017

Mi Carro, an application that combines technology and everyday problems

This application was created to solve the everyday problems of many drivers. It analyzes the vehicle's mileage to be able to anticipate any need that may arise with the car.


Do you know what your car needs? How much gas it consumes? When it needs servicing? When you have to pay the taxes? If you want to keep up to date with your car's needs, take a look at the application stores, because apps are now being developed that provide all this data.

One of them was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: Mi Carro, by the Colombian company Sapco. Sapco. This app analyzes mileage to create a log and be able to forecast any need the car may have.


Its founder, Edgar Mantilla, created it to solve a problem we was experiencing since he bought his first His challenge was to make life easier for drivers, so they don't have to keep an eye on the vehicle's needs. In turn, it enables the users to plan the expenses in advance, so they have time to save enough money to take the car to the repair shop.

What this app, now available in Colombia, offers:

  • It generates alerts 30 days, 15 days and 1 day before taking your car for servicing.
  • It reminds you when you have to pay the taxes.
  • It includes a gas module that will help you monitor your consumption.
  • You can share your vehicle with your family, so they are aware of the conditions when they drive it.
  • It creates a record for the vehicle to help you monitor it, which can be used when you sell it.
  • You can request services such as Conductor Elegido (Chosen Driver), Home Car Wash or even ask for the Soat and have it taken to your home.

An expanding company

It currently offers help and assistance to 4,000 drivers in Colombia, but Sapco expects to provide advice to 150,000 drivers in 2017. It will still be a while until this service operates in Spain, since it is only available in Colombia. This March it will start operating in Uruguay and Argentina, and in April it will be offered in Chile. Sapco is expanding quickly and in 2015 it had a turnover of 300,000 dollars, 1,000% more in profit than in 2014.

Edgar Mantilla got into the world of technology when he completed his studies with the aim of being able to create something that was scalable. His company, Sapco, comprises four business units:

  1. Sapco Tech, which in turn offers three products: Mi Carro, Carji and Mis Flotas. Mi Carro is an that forecasts and warns of any need, both mechanical and legal, that the car may have. Carji is a very similar app, but very focused on India. Mis Flotas is intended for companies with vehicle fleets so they can manage their services.
  2. Sapco Seguros is designed to minimize driver
  3. Sapco Asistencia can be used to request and receive any kind of help related to the and health, among others.
  4. Sapco AutoSpaa home car wash service that uses organic and environment-friendly products. present, this service is only available in the Colombian city of Medellín.

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