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Responsible banking Updated: 04 Jul 2017

NPS or customer satisfaction as an improvement driver

How does BBVA measure customer satisfaction? The answer lies in three letters: NPS (Net Promoter Score). This methodology allows BBVA to listen to its customers and take action to improve their experience.

Since people’s financial needs are as different as they are, it is essential to find ways to get customer feedback, analyse it, and take appropriate action. This is the purpose of the NPS methodology, a system that allows BBVA’s customers to rate, on a scale from 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (extremely likely), how likely they are to recommend our products, channels, and services. Depending on the rating they give, customers are categorised as: promoters, those who give a 9 to 10 score; passives, those who give a 7 to 8 score, and detractors, those who give scores from 0 to 6.

Based on these surveys, BBVA analyses its strengths and weaknesses, makes strategic decisions, and sets goals. It is able to learn and improve, which allows it to determine the current state of its relationship with its customers, and understand them better. In addition, it is able to increase its performance since the customer satisfaction level is the base from which it makes quality plans, creates projects, and generates unique experiences. Meeting objectives based on the NPS index is so important that it even affects the variable compensation of BBVA employees and managers.

Improvement and digital transformation driver

Initiatives are now underway in the countries where BBVA is present to improve the customer experience, and the results show that they are successful. The following are some of the most appreciated projects, which have increased customer satisfaction and promoted our digital transformation:

In Spain, we launched "Feel the Experience" the new Quality and Customer Experience site from BBVA Spain focused on helping our team boosting the best customer experience for our clients.

In the United States, we have launched a tool that improves our dialogue with customers. In addition, we have simplified transactions, reduced bureaucracy, and digitalised products and services.

In Turkey, we have improved our communication channels and mechanisms, and also made complicated processes easier for customers.

In Mexico, we have implemented various tools to evaluate recent customer experience.

In Argentina, we have installed a digital survey program in the sales network. This has allowed BBVA to increase its business volume, reduce response time, and optimise customer contact with initiatives such as Automatic Chat.

In Chile, we have implemented a survey tool both online and in the sales network.

In Colombia, we have taken action to improve transparency and created a sales network support model that allows central areas to answer enquiries.

In other countries such as Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay, and Uruguay, we have also made improvements thanks to NPS. This methodology is a powerful tool that allows BBVA to improve its processes and help its customers make better financial decisions.