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Design Updated: 10 Jul 2017

Our process: how we work at BBVA design team

At BBVA we work in teams, where creativity and knowledge is shared. The Triangle is BBVA's method for creating interdisciplinary project teams, ensuring that all the right people and perspectives are engaged from the beginning!

BBVA design thinking

The triangle brings together leaders from the disciplines:

  • “Experience” to contribute the user’s point of view.
  • “Business” to construct a viable solution.
  • “Technology” to create a feasible and implementable solution.

The Design Process

The teams follow an iterative, agile design process with four main phases: understand, ideate, prototype and evaluate.


1. Understand

The first step is to research users in the context of their challenges. The aim is to understand their real needs and behaviors and to build empathy. This step enables the discovery of new opportunities to create useful solutions.

2. Ideate

The next step is to frame the problem to be solved and consider how best to bring value to the user. Work with a team to consider as many ideas as possible before narrowing to a just a few for further exploration.

3. Prototype

The third step in the process is to prototype the best ideas quickly and cheaply. Your aim is to create something with which users can interact and provide feedback. Think of each prototype as an hypothesis to be tested.

4. Evaluate

The last step is to test each prototype on real users in order to gather feedback and learn. Testing reveals crucial insights which provide direction for the next iteration. Return to step one and repeat the process.

We believe that good design is iterative design

The four phases of our shared design process are generally applied on an iterative basis and the process can be started with any of them. The team might go through this process several times with the aim of ultimately improving the quality and usability of design. That is why we represent it as a circle.

The Creation Cycle

The triangle is the first step in each project. It represents the connection among the teams that will work on the project. The second element is 3-6-9, the creation cycle at BBVA:

  • 3 days to identify the team that will work on the project.
  • 6 weeks to deliver an initial prototype of the project.
  • Up to 9 months to convert the project into a solution in the hands of our customers.