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Social> Diversity 23 Feb 2024

BBVA raises its target for women in management positions to 36.8 percent by 2026

The financial institution had 34.7 percent women in leadership positions in 2023, with promotions of women surpassing those of men in all countries where the bank has a presence. BBVA has announced a new target for the next two years, aiming to reach 36.8 percent female managers.

BBVA eleva su objetivo de mujeres en puestos directivos hasta el 36,8% para 2026

The bank has set the target of 35 percent female managers by the end of 2024 - a figure it expects to attain in the coming months. At the end of 2023, the percentage of women in management positions stood at 34.7 percent. “Looking at the trend from recent months, we are very optimistic and we want to stay ahead of the game by reinforcing our commitment to gender equality,” said Carlos Casas, Global Head of Talent and Culture at BBVA. The bank has therefore raised this target to 36.8 percent by the end of 2026.

This indicator measuring the evolution of the representation of women in management positions in the BBVA Group is included in the long-term variable incentives for the bank’s executive directors and senior management. Thus, long-term variable remuneration for this group will depend on a five percent evolution in the number of women in these positions.

“The 36.8 percent target is fully in line with our strategic priority of having the best, most committed and diverse team. At BBVA, we have been making significant progress in gender diversity for a long time and the new commitment is accompanied by impact initiatives that are helping us to achieve it,” he explained. Every quarter, both the Chair and the CEO of the bank review the figures on promotions of female talent in the different levels of the organization to see whether the measures are yielding positive results.

One of these measures is the program ‘Yo soy talento femenino’ (I am female talent), which identifies BBVA professionals with greater potential for growth, accompanies them in their professional development and gives them tools to advance. “We wanted to recognize the talent of BBVA’s women and make it visible and tangible so that they have the opportunity to demonstrate all of their potential and exercise their qualities and abilities in an empowering environment,” Casas said.

In its first edition, over 200 employees from all areas of the bank and network of branches participated in specific training that range from short skill development sessions to comprehensive leadership or coaching programs. Around 20 percent of the women who have participated in the program have received a promotion in just one year since the program was launched.

Another initiative that has had a great impact on the bank is ‘BBVA Tech Woman’, focusing on technological profiles. Thanks to programs of this kind, the bank has managed to boost the presence of women in STEM fields over the past year, reaching 30.6 percent (from 29.5 percent in 2022).

In addition, BBVA has proposed to shareholders the appointment of a new woman on the bank’s Board of Directors. Pending approval at the next Annual General Meeting, the inclusion of Cristina de Parias would put female representation at 47 percent. The bank has met the target of having at least 40 percent women on the Board since February 2022.