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Communication Updated: 08 Sep 2018

Antonio Alonso: "Uruguay is, above all, a reliable gateway to Latin America"

A small country surrounded by giants, Uruguay always knew it would have to work hard to claim its spot in the region. And it surely has: besides its traditional agricultural production and its booming and popular tourist industry, the country now strides ahead confidently into the 21st century, with a thriving software sector.


Uruguay is, above all, a reliable gateway to Latin America. With a well-educated population, solid institutions and a stable and regulated business environment, it offers everything that both foreign and domestic investors look for.

Antonio Alonso Granada, Country Manager BBVA Uruguay.

After a period of exponential growth, it is now striving to move forward despite economic slowdown that has dragged down the economy for the past three years. Uruguay has managed to keep better indexes than its neighbors, with a positive growth; the results announce a solid recovery for 2018 to 2020… and BBVA remains strongly committed to the country.

Business growth – in customers, activity, revenues – is the economic goal, but two cross-cutting focal points guide the bank’s actions: offering an exceptional service quality and offering an excellent work atmosphere. And all this, of course, while progressing in the digital transformation process and the new concept of banking that BBVA Group as a whole is pursuing.

Are these goals ambitious… for such a small country? Definitely. But BBVA Uruguay is proud of its people and, with the Charrúa pride that drives them, is sure that it will achieve it.

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