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23 May 2019


Escuchar Audio

David Matsumoto is a psychology professor at San Francisco State University (SFSU). His mastery of microexpressions, gestures, non-verbal behavior, culture, and emotion have made him one of the leading experts in these areas. Currently, he is the director of the Emotion and Culture Research Laboratory at SFSU, focused on studies that revolve around social interaction, and communication. In addition, Matsumoto founded the East Bay Judo Institute in El Cerrito, California. He has a seventh-degree black belt and is a licensed class-A trainer and referee.

16 Apr 2019

The BBVA Foundation has recognized the U.S. linguist with the Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences Category, a new category included in this year’s edition for the first time ever. Chomsky’s research opened up new paths in multiple fields of humanities, especially in the study of the human mind and the cognitive systems that comprise it.

20 May 2017

“Plain language entails putting readers first: discovering what they want to know, what information they need and helping them meet their goals. The goal is for readers to be able to understand a document written in plain language the first time they read it. But plain language doesn’t only have to do with language: it also includes the design, layout and mucho more.”

International Plain Language Federation

12 Jul 2016

In the world of programmers there is a new much talked-about language: Python. This is a type of programming language (a set of symbols and syntactic and semantic rules needed to develop programs that control a machine's physical and logical behavior) that aims for simplicity, versatility and swift development, whose name is inspired by the group of English comics “Monty Python”.

11 Jul 2016

Summer is finally here! While many of us may picture ourselves jetting off to a tropical island to do nothing but enjoy cocktails while bathing in a secluded beach…  the truth is that, unfortunately, due to a lack of money and time, some of us will have to save our dreams for later and spend the summer in the city. But, hey, it’s ok! There are thousands plans waiting for you - low-cost, even for free - and you probably didn’t know anything about them.

24 Apr 2016

09 Dec 2015

Education and Culture are two of the spheres of social intervention which are most important to BBVA. The Group has made a firm commitment to Education, as we understand it to be a fundamental pillar for building and developing fairer and more egalitarian societies.