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BBVA Podcast Updated: 27 Nov 2018

BBVA launches two new podcasts focusing on data, 'Deep Talks' and 'Data Stories', featuring BBVA Group Executive Chairman Francisco González

BBVA’s family of podcasts is growing. The Group is launching two new programs this week that will join its collection of audio content. 'Deep Talks' is a monthly interview with people who managed to transform their environment. The first person featured in the podcast is BBVA Group Executive Chairman Francisco González. Meanwhile, 'Data Stories' aims to explain the world of data and its importance in people’s everyday lives. The podcasts are part of the bank’s commitment to sharing knowledge and content.


Creating and distributing content to keep BBVA stakeholder groups informed is one of the Communication team’s goals - a goal that gained momentum when was redesigned in 2016. This strategy encompasses BBVA’s podcast project, which began in early 2018 in order to offer the bank’s voice to new audiences.

Hosted by Fernando Morales, 'Deep Talks' interviews people who see transformation as an opportunity to have a positive impact on their surroundings. The first program features BBVA Group Executive Chairman Francisco González.

Shortly after announcing his departure from BBVA following 18 years as Group Executive Chairman of the bank and nearly four more years as Chairman of Argentaria, Francisco González offered listeners an overview of his career. He analyzed how important it is to “know how to adapt” to changes and look at challenges “as an opportunity”. He also shared how transformation related to technology has been a constant in his life. “I have always looked ahead. I’ve been more interested in the future than the present. In some way, this curiosity for the future led me to my first job not having anything to do with my first career.”

During the interview, BBVA’s Group Executive Chairman explains that his first job was a programmer at IBM in 1964. “An exciting job because technology has a huge impact on people’s lives - from a social and an economic perspective.”

The program covers many of the most important topics to Francisco González, such as the change in corporate culture at BBVA, adapting the bank to technology, new competitors, engaging with customers, who should have control over data, the macroeconomic situation and global politics. He notes with pride that: “We have a bank that is at the forefront of global banking in that long path to digital transformation. We have gained time, and time is a priceless asset.”

He also recalls that a company’s values are essential to its proper functioning: “You cannot build a large corporation in the information society if it’s not based on solid principles.”

Francisco González also reflects on how he will spend his time when he leaves his current position - a day that “will be strange” after more than five decades working. He reveals that he “will be close” to young people “looking to do interesting things in the world of education and health” - two areas he is passionate about because they help to make “society more united and better for everyone.”

Meanwhile, 'Data Stories' is directed and hosted by Carmen Álvarez and Luz Fernández. Their goal is to help the audience understand how important data are, and how they help to improve the world in which we live.

In the first program, they analyze the enormous impact data have had on people’s lives, how to use them correctly and transform them into useful information. All of this supported by two data scientists - Jairo Mejía and Iskra Velitchkova - who help listeners understand the impact of data and its interpretation on our lives. The program concludes with some advice from BBVA’s Data Protection Officer, Flora Egea.

Four podcast programs

These two new programs join BBVA’s podcasts ‘Blink’ and ‘Aprendemos Juntos’ ('We learn together'). The former is a weekly podcast hosted by Reyes Pariente and Lartaun de Azumendi that offers practical information on personal finances, fintech solutions, work methodologies and advice to help users make the best financial decisions.

‘Aprendemos Juntos’ takes the success of BBVA’s initiative with El País and Santillana to search for an education project that seeks to build a better life and transfers it to audio.

All episodes of BBVA podcasts can be downloaded on, Soundcloud, iVoox, iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, and on BBVA’s channels on social networks.