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Labour, employment and enterprise Updated: 19 Sep 2018

BBVA Paraguay, a great team

Just as the BBVA Group is reinventing itself to offer the best customer experience and customer experience and lead the new financial industry, we at BBVA Paraguay are hard at work to contribute to this transformation process. And we have the best talent in the country to do so.

BBVA Paraguay team

Despite the bank’s 55-year history in Paraguay, our staff is young and new, as a result of growth in the past seven years. The average age is 31 years. We have a team integrated by determined, innovative, challenging, enthusiastic, talented and highly educated people.

We are convinced that in order to succeed in our business, we need to make sure we comply with the following equation: (K+S)xA. First, let’s take a closer look at the first two variables: K (knowledge: the technical-professional background, the ability to handle next-generation tools) and S (skill: the result of our professional background and our flexibility to adapt to change). As an organization, we have been working to make sure we maximize these two variables. To this regard, we have implemented a Commercial, Risk and Finance Certification program. Certifying a collaborator means making sure that said collaborator is trained in the products, tools, processes, standards and skills required to fulfill their role in a satisfactory manner. This year alone we have invested over 9,000 hours in training and 1,000 hours in certifications.

The third variable, A (attitude) is the most critical one, as it can boost or undermine any knowledge or skill we develop. Here we are also present, every day, collaborating with the leaders, with management tools such as coaching and permanent feedback.

First we bet on internal talent, on people with a positive attitude, who are focused towards excellence in service. As a result of this approach, over 70 people have been promoted to higher positions matching their profiles in 2016.

We are carrying out initiatives that are already a tradition in our bank, because they are intended to strengthen our values, such as Marea Azul (Blue tide), BBVArte, Desafío Azul (Blue Challenge) and Aventura Azul (Blue Adventure).

On top of these initiatives, we also pay attention to smaller details, such as caring for the health of our people and their families - beyond what we are required by law- offering them access of a complete healthcare team (doctor, social worker, nutritionist and gym instructor) which is present in critical situations. We celebrate special dates with each one our team members: birthdays, mother’s days, father’s days, the International Youth Day and our bank’s anniversary.

We share relevant information with our people about our day to day activity, our quarterly results, the progress we make and the challenges we face in the short and medium term.

Being part of a global corporation, we implement locally company-wide performance assessment and feedback processes, management and remuneration policies and, most importantly, the new work methodologies.

All those who want to make a difference are invited to join our volunteering programs. Today, 20% of our staff are active volunteers in community programs.

Each and every one of our initiatives aim to provide the best experience for our teams; however, we can still deliver all these requirements and fail to attain the level of success we aim for. Why? Because variable A, attitude, is incredibly important.

And do our best to help our people realize this: That what we achieve in our personal, family, professional and occupational lives is the result of what we choose to do given the situations we face. In other words, what we achieve depends on our attitude.

Even if we are not always aware of it, life always offers us the possibility to choose. We can, and we must, always make a choice. Sweet or salty, right or left, win or lose, remain the same or change and grow. Every detail, every initiative we work on is to offer our staff the possibility of enjoying true professional growth.

We try to 'lead by example' because that contributes to making both our personal results and the results of those around us, a success. As heads of a team, of a household, of a community, we are responsible of making sure that our family, the people that come to work, are comfortable.

Success = 100% Attitude…., it is a matter of choosing, it only depends on us, which is what we are trying to convey to our BBVA Paraguay team every day.