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Work relationships

22 Nov 2017

Garanti Bank, signed a three-year credit agreement worth $250 million with ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited) with the coordination of ICBC Turkey Bank A.Ş. The agreement has been the first credit cooperation by Garanti with ICBC. Garanti will be using this amount for the funding of general corporate operations and foreign trade.

09 Nov 2017

19 Oct 2017

11 Oct 2017

26 May 2017

22 Mar 2017

08 Feb 2017

Chicfy, a women’s second-hand clothing digital marketplace, is one of the most unlikely success stories of the sharing economy in Spain. Behind the startup’s rise to fame is the one of a kind personality of an entrepreneur, Nono Ruiz, who thinks differently about business.

03 Feb 2017

02 Dec 2016

Just as the BBVA Group is reinventing itself to offer the best customer experience and customer experience and lead the new financial industry, we at BBVA Paraguay are hard at work to contribute to this transformation process. And we have the best talent in the country to do so.

14 Nov 2016

Ciudad BBVA held Encuentro Promociona, which helps women land senior management positions and seats on boards of directors. The event was presided over by Queen Letizia of Spain and attended by BBVA Executive Chairman Francisco González; the president of the CEOE business association, Juan Rosell; and the Minister of Healthcare, Social Services and Equality, Dolors Monserrat.

16 Sep 2016

The traditional way of viewing companies as mere places of work, where people go to earn a salary has been superseded for some time now by more evolved organizational outlooks. It is now an obsolete vision. Today, the most admired corporate organizations across the globe take an interest in development, well-being, quality of life, culture and human talent. And many get involved in sports.

03 Aug 2016

01 Jul 2016

30 Jun 2016

23 Jun 2015