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Digital banking Updated: 30 Jun 2020

BBVA's app is the Spanish banking app with the best reviews on Google

BBVA in Spain’s mobile banking app adds an average of 60 new features every year. Users especially appreciated the ability to manage their finances on the app during the lockdown. They also value the channel’s speed - the app opens in just two seconds - and how easy it is to use.  Bank customers gave the app a score of 4.7 on Google - the highest in the industry and close to the maximum score of 5. The app reached this score after the outbreak of the pandemic, when it became and essential tool.

Teresa Andrés Blanco (BBVA Creative)

BBVA in Spain’s mobile app is at the top of the ranking among Spanish banks for Google Play reviews. Customer scores given through mid-June of this digital tool reached an average of 4.7, surpassing the average score for other Spanish banking apps by more than half a point. On Apple’s App Store, the bank’s ‘app’ also received an outstanding score of 4.6.

The user-friendliness of this digital channel and the adjustments made during the health crisis have made it possible to offer customers a user experience adapted to the situation. Given the exceptional circumstances, the ‘Make the most of your app’ experience was introduced to help customers taking their first steps toward managing their finances online, or to request a mortgage moratorium. Customers appreciate how well the app works in terms of managing finances on this channel, the speed in terms of technological aspects and in the provision of solutions, security and the features it offers.

The outbreak of the pandemic has not stopped BBVA from continuing to improve the app. Now, bank customers can access the app in just two seconds, increasing the speed by more than 50 percent from the last optimization.


Optimizing smartphone space

Apart from being one of the fastest banking apps, unlike other apps that automatically download all content, BBVA’s app also stands out for optimizing storage on mobile devices depending on the features the customer uses on the app. The size of the app has decreased by 40 percent for Android devices and 15 percent for iOS.

These improvements for customers are in line with the updates required by large digital companies. BBVA in Spain’s Mobile Channel teams work day in and day out on these enhancements to offer customers the best user experience. They are currently immersed in adapting the app for the iOS and Android updates that will be launched in the coming months.

BBVA’s evolving app

The success of BBVA’s digital apps would not be possible without the transformation in the way software is developed and the introduction of DevOps practices - a paradigm related to the automated testing every time new improvements are added, thus helping to ensure the quality of the product offered to customers. Over 40 teams at BBVA in Spain are currently working to develop improvements on the website and app using agile methodologies and a global perspective.

Since the app was first launched in 2011, improvements have been incorporated along the way to help customers manage their finances on a daily basis. The increase in speed is the latest update in terms of the optimization of this channel.