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Innovation 09 Sep 2015

What you can’t miss if you are an entrepreneur in… Mexico City

Here are 10 essential sites if you're in Mexico City and are an entrepreneur looking for new ideas, workplace, networking sites ... These include the end of BBVA Open Talent Latin America held 14 and 15 September.


AngelVentures and Endeavor realized that, on a night out drinking, entrepreneurs and investors opened their hearts. Every Wednesday more than 100 –entrepreneurs, investors and organizations-  attend meetings held in venues ranging from bars to restaurants. To find out the way of pitching your business idea and get (at least) a tequila shot in exchange for it:


After paying its membership fee, you can access Centraal’s different facilities to work, attend events, hold meetings or just network. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and multidisciplinary professionals usually meet there.

Ellas 2.0 Founder Friday

The last friday of every month, this meeting promotes the inclusion of women in the stratup community within TIC industry. Its aim is to empower and connect women with the corporate world. Inspiring them to consolidate their businesses and giving them more visibility in a men’s world were women are traditionally excluded.

Fuck Up Nights

A group of entrepreneurs meet to share their failures. If you get to attend and be one of the three speakers you must tell your failure story in seven minutes stating: your goal, where did it go wrong and what would you change. In these meeting you will get to know new people, exchange useful contacts or simply hang out. This meetings started in Mexico but are already being held the second thursday of every month in more than a dozen countries. To find out more go to:

Semana del emprendedor

From 5th-10th Oct this space opens its gates to offer to entrepreneurs and businesspeople resources to update, support and increase the visibility and productivity of their businesses. It is held at Expo Bancomer: Avenida Santa Fe 270, Álvaro Obregón, Santa Fe, CP 01210, Ciudad de México.


Share best practices, trends and general knowledge on TICs and social media among techies and entrepreneurs on the third Thursday of every month from 7:30pm for some networking. To find out more go to:

The pool

Find projects, businesses and professionals under the same roof. Their goal is to stimulate innovation through countless events and build up a community to network. Membership is required, but there are up to three membership options. Find out more at:

Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)

This network is present in 48 countries and requires a membership fee to enter. Its main focus lies on entrepreneurs and founders that bill at least 1 million dollars per year. The average attendee is 41 years old and meets once a month to share good and bad experiences –usually from the previous month-. If you want to join this exclusive organization go to:

Business Networking International (BNI)

Any professional, from engineers or developers to business administrators, is welcome to promote long-term relationships of trust that will boost sales in any given field. Meeting once a week for an hour and a half, each and every one of the 40 attendees gets one minute to act as a salesman for the rest. Membership fee is required. If you want in, check their website:

Comunidad Coworking

Its main goal is to offer a space for entrepreneurs and creators to develop professionally in a nurturing environment. This Spain-based company helps raise awareness of coworking spaces and connects those interested in sharing working space to an updated and extensive offer that should fulfill their requirements. Look for your space in here: